The Great Wall of China #万里の長城 #greatwall #beijing #china #... -
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The Great Wall of China #万里の長城 #greatwall #beijing #china #北京 #中国

The Great Wall of China
#万里の長城 #greatwall #beijing #china #北京 #中国

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Hey there! Are you still at the Great Wall by any chance?? If so, I could use your help. I am participating in a project called "my love has reached" and I'm trying to show how far my love for my amazing boyfriend can go around the world. I need a picture of a handwritten note reading "Brendan and allie’s love is so big it's reached The Great Wall of China" held up at the Great Wall. You can visit my profile to see an example of the project and send me a message so we can discuss and I can explain how it works! It would mean the world if you could help me! Thanks for reading!


@brendanallielovenotes Thank you for your comment! I went to there on the tour and I've returned already.


おぉ✨ この角度から見るの斬新🤤✨ 壮大だぁ~😍


@ari.tabi_gram ありさちゃん、いらっしゃい😄 すごいものを良く作ったよね~としか感想が出ないです!それに冬の北京は寒いです⛄ 写真は少し登った所から撮ってみました📷 © 2017. Website is based on Instagram API, images, photos and media information displayed on this website is owned by Instagram.