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★ . おはようございます😊 チューリップ🌷🌷🌷 . . . #iphonex #カメラ好きな人と繋がりたい #カメラ女子

9 2 Feb 18, 2018

No tenía ninguna foto, o video más. Solo quería subir esto, y decir que lo extraño mucho.

29 1 Feb 18, 2018

JESSE GARCIA ⚔️⛓📿 {like n comment for a tbh} 1999. single. not looking atm. human kisser. dog lover. spends most his time watching netflix. father to one, daddy to many)). lil xan trash. deals memes, not drugs. has like 8 friends and loves theme dearly but you should like hmu or sumn.

7 3 Feb 18, 2018

sophia dumbfukq i love you so much and you make me the happiest person ever to exist. you’re my everything and i really do love you so much. i always think about you and i probably talk about you wayy too much because people tell me i’m obsessed with you but iM tOtaLLy nOt... but anyways you make my heart go 💓💓 and i wish i could talk to you every second of the day like FUCK TIMEZONES ok i’m calm now- but anyways you actually make me so happy and you’re so adorable and perfect and idk how tf you could ever say you’re ugly because YOU ARE NOT and you are the most beautiful girl i have ever fucking seen in the whole fucking world. i miss you all the time and i literally die after 5 seconds of you not on and ik that’s bad because like it’s fiVe fUcKiNg sEcOnDs gOd jAcK🤦🏼‍♀️ BUT LIKE I WISH WE HAD THE SAME TIMEZONES BECAUSE YOUR DAY IS LIKE DURING MY NIGHT AND IM AT SCHOOL WHENEVER YOURE OUT OF SCHOOL AND I WISH I COULD TALK TO YOU ALL THE TIME BECAUSE YOURE LIKE THE ONLY THING THAT IS KEEPING ME GOING AND I JUST LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND YOU HAVE MY WHOLE HEART AND YOURE MY ONE AND ONLY AND EVEN THOUGH IM HELLA ANNOYING YOU STILL DEAL WITH ME AND I RLLY APPRECIATE THAT BC LIKEZ EVERYONE HATES ME BUT YOU DONT SO DATS GOOD god i’m so cringy so idk how you deal with me lmao BUT ANYWAYS YOURE SO PRECIOUS ABD YOURE SO CUTE AND PERFECT ABD VEAUTFIUL ANF MY EVEUTHING AND I KNOW I CANT FUCKING SPELL ANYTHJNG BECAUSE IM TYPING FAST BUT LIKE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND I KNOW YOU WINT SEE THIS TILL TOMORROW BUT LIKE I WISH YOU COULD SEE IT TODAY EVEN THO ITS TRASH BUT I LOVE YOU SO FUCKING MUCH AND NEVER FORGET THAT AND IM ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU AND IM ALWAYS HERE IF YOU JEED TO TALK BECAUSE I WOULD LITERALLY DIE FOR YOU BECAUSE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND YOU DESERVE THE WORLD HONESTLY AND I KNOW IM A PRETTY FUCKING SHITTY BOYFRIEND BUT LIKE I REALLY WAHT YOU TO BE HAPPY AND I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHJNG AND TAHTS SAYING A LOT BECAUSE I LOVE PIZZA A LOT AND YOURE LIKE THE ONLY ONE SMEXIER THAN ME AND IM VERY SMEXI AND YOURE JUST SO AMAZING AND IM SO FUCKING GRATEFUL FOR YOU- [TYSM _.ofhisscrunchylilface._ FOR THE SECOND EDIT oh also ignore the first one i made that and its trash]

28 4 Feb 18, 2018

糖質制限&筋トレ 今朝は、手作りできなくて コンビニの糖質制限パンとチーズ!! #糖質制限 #筋トレ #ダイエット #ダイエット仲間 #おしゃれ #おしゃれさんと繋がりたい

7 0 Feb 18, 2018

生徒様作品✨ ブロンズにゴールドの錠前ウォレットは人気です!! 男子フィギュアの時間だけTVで 一緒に応援📣 それでも1dayで綺麗に仕上げて下さいました。 楽しいレッスンありがとうございました😊 #多摩境 #町田 #八王子 #相模原 #古淵 #淵野辺 #橋本 #南大沢 #多摩センター #京王永山 #稲城 #稲田堤 #調布 #coquette #ワイヤーバッグ #レッスン #ウォレット #錠前 #大人のバッグ #おしゃれ #大人可愛い #ファッション #人気 #注目

6 0 Feb 18, 2018

糖質オフ角食 キリッと男前に焼きあがりました🍞

7 2 Feb 18, 2018

うるつやなぷるっぷる 女子nail💗 色んなカラーをミキシングして まぜまぜしてオリジナルカラー🤞🏻 先端にふんわりグラデーションが 清潔感ある💅🏻 とってもお似合いりん💗 #岡山市南区 #岡山市南区万倍 #岡山市ネイルサロン #美容室併設 #個室ネイルサロン #efu #エフ #ココイスト #一層残し #ベース大切 #nail #nailclub #nailart #nailstagram #pinknails #lovenails #cutenails #gelnail #美爪 #美甲 #ピンク #女子ネイル #かわいい #kokoist #ココイストエデュケーター #大人女子 #うるつや #おしゃれ

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