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Casual ✔️ #sofiarichie

5 1 Feb 26, 2018

Pictures don't do the wonder that is Zaap Thai justice- it's just like being in another country so introduce your local white person to it today like I did with fidlerdaniel 😂 헐 짭타이의 분위기는 완정 다른 나라 같은데 태국도 필리핀 느낌이에요 😫 동양을 그립네요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ #zaapthai #thaifood #foodstagram #태국음식 #맛집 #맛스타그램

7 0 Feb 26, 2018

환한낮보다는 밤에~밤에~~~와~밤보다는 새벽~~ㅋㅋ~EXID/낮보다는 밤에~~~블랙핑크/붐바야~~따라다라딴따 뚜두룹바우~~좋아 이분위기가 좋아~~ㅎㅎ~새벽 퇴근길 신천성당앞~~~썰렁~사람이 읎당~~샤샤가 잠시 보자고 해서~~ㅋㅎ~이분위기가~~조아 쪼아~~~~~좋아~~ㅎ~싱글벙글~~ㅋㅋ~😁🤣😁~집에와서 떡라면~~~뚝딱~해치우고~~자려고 하는뎅 잠이~ㅠ~~난 불면증 인가벼~ㅎ~~또 이새벽시간을 홀로 지새우넹~잉~~엉~수면제 읎는뎅~~제발 나 잠좀~ㅋ~~풉~ㅎ~~뜬구름인생~^^산^^~🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️~ #셀스타그램 #셀스타 #인스타 #인스타그램 #인스타독 #인스 #셀카질 #셀카그램 #셀카 #셀 #셀피 #먹 #먹방 #먹스타그램 #먹방스타그램 #먹스타 #맛스타그램 #맛 #맛스타 #떡라면

14 0 Feb 26, 2018

Nicki really been offline for nearly 2 months, wow.

19 2 Feb 26, 2018

사진 자꾸 얼랴서 미안 내가 너무심심해성 😶

51 3 Feb 26, 2018

🔥🔥 - #kidator kida

12 2 Feb 26, 2018

Its been one month huh? Well i can say this was the best month ever, i got to know the prettiest girl ever, she is sweet and kind and all, a total freak sometimes, but thats what i have falled for anyways, i couldnt ask for someone else better, cuz there isnt, i legit love her so much, i dont know what does she sees on a idiot like me, cuz i obviously dont deserve to have such a nice girlfriend, i admire here more than the words can say, her smile has stolen my heart from the stars✨

11 1 Feb 26, 2018

나랑 그레이의 50가지 그림자 보러갈사람 🙌💛

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