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It all comes down to you and your choices. Challenge packs are still on sale this month and go up May 1st! Just in time for my next accountability group to start! I'd love for you to see what YOU are capable of doing. I can help with meal planning ideas and how the plan works but it comes down to you WANTING it bad enough! #youwillneverknowunlessyoutry #21daystoformahabit #accountabilitygroupsrock

6 0 Apr 24, 2018

Did you know it takes 21 days to form a habit? On the days I am home with my kids, we like to get out super early in the morning and get our ‘workout’ in! It took a bit of getting used to getting everyone dressed and ready and pounding back the coffee, but it makes our day so much easier! Hot Mama Fit Calgary NW also has morning exercise classes and we will have more earlier time slots soon once the weather warms up!! Link to class calendar is in my bio #yyc #calgary #clagaryliving #getoutside #21daystoformahabit #workoutwithyourkids #yycmoms

12 1 Apr 24, 2018

So excited for all of our challengers to get started tomorrow!!!!!! #21dayshakechallenge #woohoo #youareamazing #21daystoformahabit #newhabits #excited

7 0 Apr 16, 2018

Ok I know y’all maybe thinking 🤔 enough with the before & afters but this is the last one til 20 days from now. I share these as accountability for me and others. To show that you ladies especially those busy mommas like me we can do hard things!! It is possible to make the time to take care of yourself! To take 30-60min out of your day to exercise. To take time to meal prep! Doing these things benefit you and everyone around you! My WHY is I want to show my boys that you can do hard things and that good things aren’t always easy. I want the strength and energy to play ball with them and go on adventures. I mean who has a toddler that is 38lbs + and still wants to be carried at times?! Mine does and I’m so glad I can do so bc I know sooner than I want he will not want to be carried to bed etc. Here are my three day Whole Foods Cleanse results: down almost 4 lbs and 5 inches. I lost my bloat and I feel so much better!!! I have taken control of my bad habits of wanting to snack on the boys it’s so hard not to just grab a cheeze it or two or some goldfish when pouring some into a bowl. I have a new 21 day challenge starting April 30 and a 3 day Whole food challenge starting in about a week. I’d love for you to join me as I keep working on me from the inside out. I’m not prefect I still struggle to push play, make healthy choices etc and my groups really help me stay focus and when I fall get back up. Drop me a your favorite emoji if you want in #3daystoabetteryou #21daystoformahabit #fitmomoftwotoddlers #togetherwecandoit #beahealthyexampletoyourkids #kidsarealwayswatching #healthyfrominsideout

25 0 Apr 18, 2018

Whoop whoop that booty is burning today!!! #buttngutchallenge #21daystoformahabit #paintingcanadapink #teampinkrevolution #womenunite #bootyburning

16 0 Apr 16, 2018

I’m on a pursuit of happiness and I want to share the opportunity for anyone to try the same (every single one of you deserve it) #spreadhappiness #21daystoformahabit #whynot

6 4 Apr 12, 2018

Happy Monday! Started my morning off with Cardio Fix. Back to the basics with shorter workouts. When i did this work out last I was using 5lb weights, today I finished it with 10's! I almost threw up 🙈 I think that's a sign that I need to work on my cardio. If you have fallen off track I am encouraging you to start again today. Let's do this together 👭 #nevermissamonday #support #30minsaday #setgoals #selfcare #cardio #21df #21daystoformahabit #postpartumbody #goals #athomeworkouts #progressnotperfection #strongerthenyeaterday #beachbody #summeriscoming #

23 0 Apr 16, 2018

Some days life just doesn’t go as planned.... BUTT it can’t always be perfect now, can it? 😉 #todaysabadday #punintended #buttofthejoke #butt 🍑 #somedaysarehard #mindovermatter #21daystoformahabit

22 0 Apr 23, 2018

FIRED UP!!! Next 21 day Challenge (BUTTS & GUTS) to do a little spring cleaning internally and build our bootys!! Open to ladies and gents who are looking for some serious, positive results as we head into the warmer weather!! I have 7 spots left!! Let’s do this 🙌👙💪🏼☀️ #21daychallenge #notadiet #lifestylechanges #healthylifestyle #letmecoachyou #consistency #21daystoformahabit #accountability #VIPclientgroup #positiveresults #trusttheprocess

30 3 Apr 12, 2018

Yesterday was day #2 of our 21 day shake challenge and everyone did amazing!!!!! #21dayshakechallenge #21days #21daystoformahabit #challenge

9 0 Apr 18, 2018

Using my down time to formulate some healthier habits both physically and mentally! Any tips to aid productivity throughout the day, please do share💪🏻🙏🏻😊 #habits #21daystoformahabit

16 0 Apr 18, 2018

Did this ...this morning! It was hard 😉🏋️‍♀️ #buttngutchallenge #21daystoformahabit #womenunite #fitmama #fitafter40

19 1 Apr 21, 2018

Now I get why 80 day obsession was, well, something like 91 days (since Sundays didn’t count after the first 2 weeks). This truly is a lifestyle for me, I even kept my nutrition close to the same today. Start with forming a habit💯 Then, make it a lifestyle😁

10 1 Apr 16, 2018

21 days to form a habit! Day #1 COMPLETE!!!! #21dayshakechallenge #21days #21daystoformahabit #woohoo #day1

10 0 Apr 17, 2018

Habit forming! I bought this book to encourage my organization skills to bloom. I am adding list making to my daily routine as I find it helps keep me on track when a list is actually made the night before. It takes 21days to form a habit today is day 1! Anyone else out there use lists? Any tips for a new list maker?

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