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USED ส่งต่อ createion ซื้อมาจากญี่ปุ่นมาได้เดือนเดียวค่ะ รุ่นนี้ไม่มีขายในไทยนะคะ แกนขนาด32mm ส่งต่อ 2,900 รวม EMS ค่ะ Direct Message, line : yuei_nutt

3 1 Sep 25, 2018

Push the envelope. Watch it bend. The next boundary falls. #sphere #space #glassart #workinprogress #32mm

96 3 Sep 25, 2018

Armine trying to convince Siunik that she’s always right

47 3 Sep 25, 2018

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12 1 Sep 25, 2018

#DanielWellington size #32mm ✈️SHIP COD TOÀNt QUỐC ⚡️FREESHIP NHẬN HÀNG KIỂM TRA -> THANH TOÁN 🏡 151/22/12 Cống lỡ, Tân Bình ☎️ Hotline: 0988234934

6 0 Sep 24, 2018


27 3 Sep 25, 2018


37 2 Sep 25, 2018

The middle

26 5 Sep 25, 2018

We gather here today to mourn the loss of a lens. The great, but also very cheap, Neewer 32mm f/1.6 manual focus lens. Although I'm not as great with manual focus as I thought I would be and used you less often than I wish I had, you will forever be remembered... At least until I order a Sigma 30mm f/2.8 Art lens. 🤷🏾‍♂️ Fair well, buddy. R.I.P pour some'n for the dead homie. #photographycasualty #brokenlens #neewer #32mm #Sigma #sigma16mmf14 #sony #sonya6000 #photography

14 2 Sep 24, 2018

“it taste like a little bit of thanksgiving and a cloudy day” ▪️ my feed is slowly being filled with pictures of coffee shops and challen and i am totally ok with that.

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