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Morning Motivation 🌞 Spotted by dulanapanapitiya #astonmartin #astonmartindb11 #db11 #srilankanpetrolheads #instagood #blessed

47 0 Aug 17, 2018

Holy mother of god! #workshopfind

6 3 Aug 17, 2018

I thought being in the world of protection was the best job in the world for the simple fact that it wasn't actually work. I love the intricacies & little details of the profession & it was never a question that I'd dedicate my life to it. Until now. I found an opportunity to make a living within my hidden passion which is kind of funny because every little boy dreams of doing this as a profession. Definitely excited to see where this opportunity will take me, but for now, I'm so glad I found a home & remain truly grateful for the privilege to work with some amazing people every single day. The beauty of life is always found in the details, but just because it looks good on the outside, doesn't mean its good for you on the inside. You always have to check what's underneath the surface before jumping all the way in. Like it or not, we're all judged by the decisions we make and our judgement, credibility, & influence can all be compromised with one wrong move if the strategy is not executed correctly. Not just how we chose our social relationships & business colleagues, when building our teams, but how we select our clients & targeted affiliations within our businesses as well. You must remain mindful of perspective, & how it influences our actions. Our behavior, the behaviors of those around us, & the behaviors of those we choose to "do business" with, are all directly correlated with the potential that we possess & the opportunities that we may be able to either seize or ignore in the future. Life isn't a sprint, it's a marathon & we're always careful with who we choose to allow into our sacred circle of trust. We choose our friends based on trust, loyalty & integrity so why wouldn't we behave in business the same way? #driver #racing #tattoos #rally #theprotectednomad #loriakinseven #nomad #cars #drive #nomadic #hustle #work #driving #petrolicious #carsandcoffee #drivetastefully #dailydriven #travel #photography #beachlife #porsche #hot #landscape #inked #tattoo #beach #beautiful #astonmartin #ferrari #entrepreneurship

14 0 Aug 17, 2018

Who would not take delivery of the DBS Superlegerra😍 Would you? Credit📸: evoluzionphotography Me: dbs_superleggerra

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