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I'm quiet but I'm not blind. 👀❤ #balancingelements

10 4 Aug 23, 2018

CLAY as a way of grounding? ******** Lately I've been feeling tense, irritated and completely out of space. I sure am happy to read that we got 7 #retrograde going on at the moment + thus it's not entirely my fault that I've felt the need to pull out ALL THESE things out of my hat ... but mainly it's just how #summer feels this year: too much air within and without make for a very uprooted period. As much as I love flying, right now I just need a few solid steps onwards. ********* So two days ago after a very disarming conversation with someone who's nearer + dearer to my heart everyday, I realized I got - surprise, surprise - nothing left to say. No need for more of the airy words or thoughts, I just needed some #earth - and I needed it in my face! So, #clay #facemask .💁 It's very good for thoroughly #cleansing our pores + makes for a wonderfully messy tactile experience. I gathered this one in a dry riverbed nearby, but you can go buy it. ********* Clay as the earth itself made me feel more here and now, in the body, plus, radical #selfcare always amps up on the #love , not just for me, but everyone around, too. ❤️ #femininesoul #feminineessence #femininespirituality #womanwisdom #feminist #rituals #singlemom #grounding #balancingelements #

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