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These are half blooming and half dying #flowers #halfdead #halfalive #roses #beautiful flowerphotography #photography #beautifulcolor #perspective #ruleofthirds #balancingelements #derp

8 0 May 28, 2018

This is a photo of the pine trees I was surrounded by this week, but a post about the city I’d left... I didn’t grow up on a lake or in the mountains, but when I visit a forest of pine, I somehow feel at home. Like I’ve been here before. It’s so familiar and normal to be breathing in pine. And still - I love the city. Everything about who I am and how I take in the world (I’m a highly sensitive, empath, vata, air sign libra), suggests that I should hate the city (the noise, the wild and varying energies, the uneasiness, the dryness), but right now it’s where I want my roots. Maybe the city is a metaphor for this phase of my life. I’m not a fiery person by nature. (I have zero fire in my birth chart). Which means I need to be “started”... ignited. Perhaps I’m craving that my environment be the fire that I lack. I could get way too comfortable here in the fresh air. Too much ether. I’d float around with the pollen, from pine to pine, walking around taking in deep, clean breaths and let the entire day get lost in the wind. I’d never get anything done. I need the buzz, the example of achieving, the energy of doing/burning/creating at this particular time in my life, so I can get started. And the best part is, when it gets to be too much (which is does), I can always go find some pollen & pine. (Shout out to Toronto, my home right now. Thank you for the fire 🔥 🌃). #whistler #toronto #balancingelements

57 2 Jun 22, 2018

Perfect place to hide in from today’s crazy wind 💨💨💨 and to ground 🙏🏻 #spasaturday #groundyourself with #aveda #balancingelements

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