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Drop a ‘❤️’ in the comments, if you agree! . “I enjoy noticing that I have a continuous stream of thoughts that come from—who knows where? They have no boundaries or forms to examine, and apparently are unlimited in number and permutation! I think of the stock market ticker that runs along the bottom of a screen, with each stock price representing a simple thought. . You are capable of thinking many opposing thoughts in just a few moments, jumping helter-skelter from one idea to another—exhilaration, frustration, fear, ecstasy, worry, and so forth. Unguided and unguarded, you serve up an endless array of thoughts continuously from waking to falling asleep. Even while sound asleep, your mind continues observing, grabbing, and contemplating these omnipresent thoughts. There’s very little respite from this mental thought-producing process throughout your entire lifetime. If you really believe that you are the creator of all of your thoughts and control the entire process, then simply stop. That’s right, just try to stop thinking. You may be able to slow the stream of thoughts down considerably, but to simply stop thinking all day and stay in a thoughtless state is quite impossible. . Think of yourself as an observer, contemplating and selecting thoughts that you choose from that never-ending stream of thoughts on your inner screen, 24/7/365. . I am okay, I look fine, I will lose a few pounds, I am loved, I am Divine. . . these and millions more like them are thoughts that you can opt for rather than the ones you’ve become accustomed to choosing in the past (ones that don’t feel good)... This can all be done in a fraction of a nanosecond. The thoughts will keep appearing on your mental TV screen just like the stock quotations. But you’ll now be choosing the ones you want to focus on, gather, retain, or let go.”- excerpts from #waynedyer ‘s ‘Wishes Fulfilled’ . . 👉🏾👉🏾Follow curlynikki ❤️ Need help remembering to remember who you really are?! Sign up for FREE, #BeHerNow reminders and inspo! Link in bio 👑👑👑👑👑👑 . Image Source: inner.bliss

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For every action there and equal or opposite reaction. Be her now #behernow #love #peace #joy #bliss #levelup #feelit #know #mentallyhealthy #worthit #present #awareness #conscious

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Use your thought life to keep you hopeful. It just that powerful💥What YOU think 💭 is (Period), so shift it to be healthy, loving thoughts towards you or someone else. #behernow #shift #conscious #lovethyself #still #silence #hopeful #love #mentallyhealthy #present

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Timing Is so important. It’s an essential element in inspiration and readiness for anything. We don’t always read the signs correctly but we get what we get for a reason! # The 💜 wants what the heart wants! That’s pretty simple! # Your behaviour and their behaviour is the determining factor to longevity or short stays, but either way you managed to expose your heart to something new and beautiful and you walk away with that gift. And it’s for life! # # #easylikeasundaymorning #behernow #herstory

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RP curlynikki This resonates with me so much. Cultivating positive thoughts can seem fake and phony to people. Having negative thoughts is real. It's natural. Some negative thoughts can be true, but if perceived and processed correctly can turn positive. Both thoughts live in your brain. Which do you choose to feed? #behernow #foodforthought #changeyourmind #changeyourlife #gogrowbemore #turnyourhappyon #choose

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Queen Oprah says, ‘there are no mistakes’. If you agree, drop a ‘❤️’ below! And please, ‘let go of the illusion that it could’ve been any different!’ #BeHerNow . . Repost justaskariel quote source: unknown

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If there is one thing you can do now, breathe in deeply and let go, what needs to let go. Three times. Close your eyes. . . . #breath #be #behernow #mindfullness #focus #letgo #youare #light smile.

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Love this graphic with inspiring thoughts to start your week with. Make it a great, inspired week 🤗💙 #alpinenutrition #healthateverysize #haescolleagues #intuitiveeating #antidietdietitian #bodyrespect #bodyliberation #selfcare #edprevention #edrecovery #behernow #riotsnotdiets #selfcarevsselfcontrol #nourishnotpunish #Repost positivelypresent ( get_repost) ・・・ Me, trying to get a grip on my life before Halloween. 😆🎃 If you like these illustrations and use procreate, they’re available in my Autumn Stamp Set on creativemarket (link in profile!). 👻

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10 simple words to live by! # A “room” for me is defined as any space my energy enters so it could be a phone call, public transportation, the grocery store or my own mind. # You don’t have to know what someone is going through to be a humanitarian and afford them dignity, it’s just the best way to honor self and it pays itself forward. # # #yournrgispowerful #filltheroom #beresponsible #love #selfappreciation #kindness #dignity #humankindness #behernow #herstory 💫

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And please don't let anyone tell you otherwise. It's your journey and yours alone. There's layers and levels. The approach you took in that particular phase may or may not work in the next. To be healed in one area doesn't mean you won't be tested in the next. To heal is to be honest about where you are, it's to acknowledge where you came from and to be intentional about where you're going. . . #behernow #iamher #manifestdaily #writer #selfcaresunday #blog

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