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Thinking🤔 Bout Redd👼🏽& Lil Chris👼🏽 But Also Stayin Humble & Patient‼️ “U G O T T A T R U S T T H E P R O C E S S ‼️” 📸By: skyfeedzz ..................... #fastlane #OutNow #bepatient #druggrunner #jaypedro #applemusic #itunes #googleplaymusic #soundcloud #spinrilla #atlanta #scottsdale #ceolife #ceo #kushmccaulla jaypadro #gangshit #stamp #dreamchaser #fighter #god1st #zone6 #nocap #norapcap #1love #newwave

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Mike money is what they call me Just a little Benjamin franklin sitting passenger side. No room for bullshit. #youngentrepreneur #Younghusler #CEO #selfmade #Benjaminonly

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Anything not to pack rn

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Beach party 🔉 🔊 🔈 🎼 🎵 🎶 🎧

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Love your life how you want...

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Introducing another keynote speaker for Blockchain Impact on June 4th: our very own CEO Scott Meng. Scott started evilnutcreativetech in 2013 after graduating from Computer Science at Simon Fraser University. Evilnut started out doing small web and app development and has now grown to do SEO, social media marketing, and other online solutions for over 200 clients. Scott started Pinmo in early 2016 as a Vancouver-based blockchain-driven next-generation social media marketing platform. We’re so excited to have him speak at this event we’re co-hosting! For more information on Blockchain Impact and for tickets visit

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Optimize Yourself ♛ Mentally - Physically - Financially Don't worry, I'm not selling shit. Youtube channel (Link in bio)

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Bombshell ...available on the site. Link in bio #weave #extensions #straighthair #shop #share #ceo

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I was looking back at emails and IG messages I sent last year to random digital nomads asking them how they do it, get started, etc. And TBH my messages were terrible because I offered them nothing in return. I was asking for help but not offering anything back. I learnt that asking for help or an intro to a prospective client or whatever is much better done when you can offer something in return. Think about those "I want to pick your brain over coffee" messages, cringe af right? Because you are asking without offering. Anyway, salad was lit but too much lettuce. Lettuce is overrated.

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Follow us 👉 Empower for more motivational content! 🙌

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What did you catch this year at #Foodableio? Here’s a recap of Stage 1. We had some amazing panelists discussing things like the future of food, alternative food trends, the female artisans, and beverage trends. You can catch these discussions and more soon On-Demand! . . . #foodableio #feedingthefuture #ceo #futurefood #foodserviceindustry #foodtrends #craftbeer #wine #beveragetrends

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Amazon executives start all their meetings with a narrative memo. 📝 Is it time to ban Power Point from your meetings? In his 2018 annual letter, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos repeated his rule that PowerPoint is banned in executive meetings. What Bezos replaced it with provides even more valuable insight for entrepreneurs and leaders. In his letter, and in a recent discussion at the Forum on Leadership at the Bush Center, Bezos revealed that "narrative structure" is more effective than PowerPoint. According to Bezos, new executives are in for a culture shock in their first Amazon meetings. Instead of reading bullet points on a PowerPoint slide, everyone sits silently for about 30 minutes to read a "six-page memo that's narratively structured with real sentences, topic sentences, verbs, and nouns." After everyone's done reading, they discuss the topic. "It's so much better than the typical PowerPoint presentation for so many reasons," Bezos added. As a student of narrative storytelling in business for the past 20 years, I can tell you exactly why it's so much better. 1. Our brains are hardwired for narrative. Narrative storytelling might not have been as critical for our survival as a species as food, but it comes close. Anthropologists say when humans gained control of fire, it marked a major milestone in human development. Our ancestors were able to cook food, which was a big plus. But it also had a second benefit. People sat around campfires swapping stories. Stories served as instruction, warning, and inspiration. 2. Stories are persuasive. Aristotle is the father of persuasion. More than 2,000 years ago he revealed the three elements that all persuasive arguments must have to be effective. He called these elements "appeals." They are: ethos, logos, and pathos. Ethos is character and credibility. Logos is logic--an argument must appeal to reason. But ethos and logos are irrelevant in the absence of pathos--emotion. Read more at #amazon #meeting #powerpoint #presentation #startup #techstartup #technology #executive #ceo

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Chief Executive Officer... #kayogee #ceo #kayogeeent #stroudenterprises

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