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True Dimensions Lipstick Like a fountain of youth for lips. Contains a complex with two age-defying ingredients — an extract from the portulaca pilosa plant, also known as the ―kiss me quick‖ plant, and palmitoyl tripeptide-38. This complex helps to boost the production of collagen*, a protein that plays a vital role in supporting the skin’s structure to help give it firmness and volume. It also helps to boost the production of hyaluronic acid* and aquaporin 3* (AQP3). Hyaluronic acid is important for retaining moisture in skin. AQP3 are proteins that create ―channels‖ to help water travel to where it’s needed most, helping with skin hydration. Retaining moisture in the skin promotes a plumping effect for fuller-looking lips. If you don't have a current MK Beauty consultant, ask me how you can get this for 50% off! #truedimensions #marykay #marykayus #lipstick #youthful #kiss #lips #true #dimension

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📐 Haircut on Jess

7 1 Aug 14, 2018

"The Dimensional Theory of Reality states that for every decision that is made, the alternative decision is played out in another reality. There is an infinite number of parallel universes where every possibility exists. By breaking the speed of reality, you can cross dimensions and arrive in such an universe. The illustration demonstrates what scientists are now referring as a "Dimensional Jump" in which the subject is able to transend from one dimension to another with the use of a "transdimensional portal" Cameron Baxter, A Comprehensive Guide To Navigating Parallel Dimensions. Multiverse tattoo by antaltamasi #multiverse #tattoo #dimension #timetravel #portal

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All about the...Pops💥and Placement

18 1 Aug 14, 2018

That preset though 😆☕️ Enjoying this summer to the fullest with lots of coffee, traveling, hanging with good friends, family & loving my naturalbeadedrowsextensions ✨the 22” life is the best life 🧜‍♀️

21 1 Aug 14, 2018

MSME Day 2018 – The Youth Dimension | Enterpreneurship #Day, #Dimension, #Enterpreneurship, #MSME, #Youth

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Tone it down. . . . #hairbykal #magnoliacincinnati #dimension #cincinnatihair #cooltones

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Good morning with this ray of sunshine ☺️☀️

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