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Day 4 - ditch the straw Bit of a fraud on this as I have a draw full of straws however we don’t really use them at home more when we are out. So today I took my own stainless steel straw out on the town and it looks pretty good in my mock tail ❤️ #ecochallenge #plasticfree #ditchthestraw #zerowaste

13 1 Dec 15, 2017

I bought new slippers. The struggle was real. I loved my pink ones and really didn‘t want to buy new cheap plastic ones. It already ground my head when I still could wear them. So I said to myself: Wear them till they break apart and then you‘ll see. Because I‘m very good in planning everything in advance, which isn’t always necessary and fills up my head. So the shoes got closer and closer to break. I searched for sustainable alternatives. It‘s rainy season and I need something waterproof. I found indosole and checked every store in Ubud which sells them. They produce slippers made from old car wheels in Bali. Unfortunately none had my size, not even in the ugly colours haha. I waited and waited, checked almost every day if they got a new delivery. Couldn‘t walk properly in my old ones anymore. Then last week I got the right size in black. yeees. What I actually wanted to say. Wear your things till they break or doesn‘t do their job anymore. Maybe you can fix it. Let go of the thought that you easily can buy a new one. It saves you much money and of course garbage. Or maybe you can use it for something different. For example you can make cloths pads from clothes you don‘t wear anymore. If it‘s s stretch fabric you can cut it in thin stripes and use it as hair tie or rubber band. And only buy what you really need. And if it‘s possible in a way you really love it. Otherwise you‘ll sorely tempted to toss when it has a tiny flaw. #foramoresustainablelife kathrinjona

80 8 Dec 10, 2017

COFFEE & TEA ☕️ Are you a coffee or a tea person? I‘m on team tea. Rarely I drink coffee, sometimes I fancy the taste. In the past I had coffee marathons during exams, never ever again:D However you prefer, you can avoid a lot of trash during preparation of both. I run out of photos and subjects which forced me to draw. It‘s no stunning painting, but I really enjoyed it!:) There are many different ways how you can make your coffee or tea. • No need to buy disposable paper coffee cones or expensive fancy plastic capsules. I‘m using a french press like you can see on the top left. Actually you can use it for tea as well! Another options is a non disposable coffee dripper which comes in plastic or in ceramic. Please take the ceramic one. And of course you can use no filter at all. Some countries/cultures have special preparation techniques where you leave the coffee ground in the cup and wait till it‘s sat. • For my dear tea fellows (coffee people I love you too!) I have 3 possibilities. Instead of buying tea bags buy loose tea. You can purchase a tea egg, use a small sieve or a french press as well. Now I want tea. (But have to wait for tomorrow. I declared Tuesday as my dry fast day) • How do you make your hot drink? ➡️ #foramoresustainablelife kathrinjona

118 17 Dec 12, 2017

Day 47: New switch to a package free solid deodorant bar. The amount of plastic in my bathroom is decreasing with each week that passes by. ⠀ ⠀ Today I didn't feel like DIY solutions so I just bought this at Lush. The ingredients are natural and the scent is really delicate. ⠀ ⠀ I was eager to buy their toothpaste and mouthwash in tabs but the shop attendant told me they can only be bought inside a plastic bottle. ⠀ ⠀ Lush lushspain : I am pretty sure there's a crowd of zero wasters that would cue outside your shop if you started selling your toothy and mouth wash tabs in bulk! Consider it please! #zerowaste #retezerowaste #365greenfulchallenge #365greenful

59 6 Dec 13, 2017

I follow a couple of zero waste groups on Facebook and they are fabulous - one of the members suggested a 7 day eco challenge (I’m not really sure what the black and white one was all about) this is however something I can really get behind. So was wondering can we get the eco challenge to spread via instagram as well?! . . . #zerowaste #zeroplastic #blueplanet2 #oneworld #ecochallenge #ecomama #reusablenappy #reusables

19 1 Dec 11, 2017

#EcoChallenge isn’t only about reducing our environmental footprint – the Community and Health Challenges include actions to give back and express gratitude. The holidays represent a meaningful time to give, share, reflect, and grow. How are you expressing thankfulness and gratitude during the busy holiday season? . Please share your holiday actions in the comments – they could be a springboard for someone. #GiftsThatGiveBack

20 2 Dec 9, 2017

HOMEMADE 🌿 It‘s great to reduce plastic consumption. At one point I found myself in hoarding glass jars, I bought a lot in jars. Of course it‘s better than other options. Personally this whole cutting out trash thing is a journey for me. And I love it! I try new things, learn new things, face quiet tough challenges in daily life and it really puts my patience to the test. Some people don‘t like cooking. I get that. But I think many of them don‘t know how easy it can be. Just a few little things, which doesn‘t take a long time and are easy to storage. Maybe this one is something for you. If not that‘s totally fine, don‘t feel pushed into something for the sake of definitions and made up rules for a so called lifestyle. So here we go. ———————————— The brutally basic recipe for pesto: Herbs and oil. ———————————— Blend. That‘s it. • Or chop the herbs and put them in oil. In the picture I used ramson/wild garlic or whatever you call it in english and sunflower seeds. To preserve use more oil or add salt, garlic. You can upgrade it with herbs, seeds, spices... Be creative, try out. • Use it as pesto for pasta, refine sauces and dressings. Put it on your slice of bread. Use it for cooking and baking. So many things you can do:) • Do you make your own pesto or any other great things you can make very easy and quick? I‘m always curious about simple solutions:) Use #foramoresustainablelife kathrinjona

88 5 Dec 11, 2017

Day 3 - donate old clothes, toys & household items So today involved taking 2 big bags and a box full of stuff to Barnardos. Both myself and Mum have been Marie Kondoing our houses over the past few months and this is one of many journeys made. Just because an item has finished its life with us doesn’t mean it’s not of use to someone else. In previous trips to the tip it amazes me the things people will throw away to landfill - last time Dad rescued a hot wheels fold up track in perfect condition. I’ve also got rid of a bedguard with missing pieces on the trash nothing app (freegle) it was taken by a carpenter who will make some solution to keep it going. Make do and mend 😁 #ecochallenge #zerowaste #charity #clothesrecycling #recycle #saynotolandfill

10 0 Dec 13, 2017

Let’s go! #SCB #EcoChallenge

28 4 Dec 10, 2017

Day 46: New declutter/redistribution mission. ⠀ ⠀ 6 months into minimalism and the quantity of unnecessary things I still own amazes me. ⠀ ⠀ I guess we simply don't ask the question 'do I really need this?' when we're out or accept a gift. While we mindlessly feed our inner hoarder's appetite for whatever is new... ⠀ ⠀ I wish I could undo these things with a magic wand, the metal of that box and those pliers back resting at the feet of some mountain, the oil used to make that plastic handle and that juicer back underground.⠀ ⠀ No matter how carefully I redistribute these things to prevent waste, something irreparable has already taken place. ⠀ ⠀ So let's start by taming those acquiring instincts to start with. What can we do to kill the materialist monster? ⠀ The objects you see here were in part present, part abandoned hobbies or healthy NY resolutions. After spending a couple of hours washing thoroughly each I gave part to a local second hand shop, the rest to Oxfam and an other charity I forgot the name of. I tried to disseminate them where I felt most confident they would find a new lover. ⠀ #365greenful #365greenfulchallenge #zerowaste #declutter #minimalism

44 1 Dec 12, 2017

Day 2 - washing with an eco ball Ecoballs replace washing powder. Eco balls are reusable for up to 1,000 washes and cost only around 3p per wash. If everyone switched to Eco balls, 700,000 fewer tons of detergent would end up in our water system every year. Results after a couple of weeks using this are that the washing is clean but not convinced by its stain removing power, also missing the washing powder smell. Definitely a swap on darker clothes and ones without stains. Baby steps... #ecochallenge #zerowaste #ecoball #ecowashing #chemicalfree #thrifty

16 2 Dec 12, 2017

We see it as our mission to create a better and greener world where future generations do not have to handle the waste problem we created. Thus, we are working every day on it with dedication and determination. #zerowaste #zerowastelifestyle #change #futuregenerations #greenliving #wasteproblem #garbageproblem #plasticplanet #plasticproblems #biokunststoff #bio #öko #plantbased #pflanzenbasis #makeitcount #future #design #savetheplanet #lessplastic #wastemanagement #compostmatters #composting #cradletocradle #circulareconomy #futuregenerations #ecochallenge #food #sustainability #sustainablelifestyle #goals

21 0 Dec 13, 2017

PAY CASH 💰 First of all, these are Indonesian Rupiah and make around 25€. We can avoid paper trash by avoiding paying by card. When we pay we usually get one receipt. Some places already ask if you want yours and they can decide if they print it. But most shops still can‘t decide. If you choose to use your card, the thing you put your card in (don‘t know the name) will print 2 more receipts. One for you and one for the shop. • To pay cash isn‘t only a good way to reduce unnecessary trash, it‘s pretty good for your pocket as well. When you pay cash you see what you spent. By using your card it‘s an abstract process, where you don‘t get in contact with your money. We tend to spend a lot more as if we hold it in our hands. It gets more material value and we maybe think twice about buying this or that. Additionally some places charge you a fee if you pay with your credit card, because the service costs them or they have a minimum of spend. To be honest this was often the reason why I shopped mote groceries (sweets) than I needed. • Furthermore all the bills are coated with BPA. On every plastic product, which is named as a quality product, is written „BPA FREE“. Bottles, blender, food container... Bisphenol A is found in plastic and is linked to diseases as cancer, pre mature puberty, diabetes and a lot more. It works like an estrogen and can easily absorbed by our skin in 5 seconds. The concentration on a receipt is 100.000 higher than in such plastics:o If you want to know more about it _wastelandrebel_ wrote a great article on that topic! . Are you a cashless person? Let me know how you handle your payments and tag #foramoresustainablelife and kathrinjona

66 13 Dec 10, 2017

Day 48: eco-conscious Christmas decorations. ⠀ ⠀ In Europe alone 50 million Christmas trees are felled and mostly dumped every year. ⠀ ⠀ Although a real tree is considered more sustainable than a plastic one, it still consume resources, including the pesticides that are used to ensure it grows quickly. What if tree farms could just be forests instead? ⠀ ⠀ And how about the shiny plastic and synthetic paints that are produced every year to adorn these trees? ⠀ ⠀ These holly branches (Ilex verticillata to be exact) and candles are our Christmas decorations this year. ⠀ #365greenful #365greenfulchallenge #zerowasteitalia #retezerowaste #minimalism

52 7 Dec 14, 2017

Looking for last minute gifts to help your loved ones reduce waste on the go? Or perhaps a special memento for yourself to honor your #EcoChallenge experience? Head over to the EcoChallenge Store to pickup some gifts that keep on giving. Link in bio

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