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Hey Klikites! Delicious #African delicacies are available from our very own Russian/Akwa Ibom chef zds_kitchen. Follow her handle for more info on how to place your orders and have a tasty treat delivered right to your doorstep anywhere in #Abuja. ... #TheKlik #TheKlikNigeria #ConnectInspireEmpower #BusinessNetworking #FriendsEmpoweringFriends #KlikFeature

45 2 Jan 30, 2018

Hey Klikites! Looking for some friday evening chills? Well, look no further. A member of The Klik mintved has some mouth-watering #BBQ specials in a serene environment surrounded by nature neighborhoodchopchop. Follow handles for more. Thank us later! And oh, the credit for that amazing photo goes to another super-talented member of The Klik rainvedutti ... #TheKlik #TheKlikNigeria #ConnectInspireEmpower #BusinessNetworking #FriendsEmpoweringFriends

38 4 Jan 28, 2018

My girl lifelongpercussion is launching new colours for her hijabs next week on Wednesday.🙌🏽😩❤️❤️Make sure y'all show love and support all the way.💕💕🙏🏾🙏🏾

74 2 Feb 7, 2017

For all the LOVE and LIGHT shared my first ever #wcw goes to my friend zulay_henao 💛💙❤ Allowing myself to be vulnerable isn't easy. In a world dominated by the superficial importance of social media likes and followers, this beautiful woman has always been genuine with me and has always spoken life to me. She leads by example and inspires me to do the same. For it is best to give and love without any expectations ... LOVE is everything... Along with Faith, it makes the"impossible" BEYOND possible. Your love of God and truly KNOWING He loves you and walks beside you ALWAYS (even in your toughest times) as well as your love for YOURSELF, are EVERYTHING. It is what brings about change ... The change you long and pray for wholeheartedly. It is by staying in our lane and forgetting about everyone and everything else, and focusing on what truly matters spiritually, that will cause everything to shift in your divine favor. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ #vibratehigh #frequency #prayer #godfirst #histiming #hiswill #lovewithoutexpectations #lovewithoutmeasure #spiritualawakening #spirirituality #zulayhenao #beautifulsoul #friends #unconditional #loveiseverything #1111 #namaste #divine #speaklife #alignment #staytruetoyourself #friendsempoweringfriends #womenempoweringwomen #friendship #Latinas #positiveattractspositive #feedthesoul #pray

38 4 Nov 29, 2017

#fbf with my beauty wennlo Neither distance nor time cease to have any significance real friends don't need to speak, text or see one another everyday... Hence, the most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart 💙👭👯👯 #realfriends #friendsempoweringfriends #womenupliftingwomen #empoweringwomen #friends #amigas #sisters #bond #blessingsonblessings #bossbabe #unconditional #realtalk

57 6 Apr 1, 2017

✴️ Kylie Jenner releases a lip gloss, people buy it. ✴️ Michael Jordan puts out new shoes, people buy it. ✴️ Matthew McConaughey is the spokesman for a car, people want it. ✴️ Dre has new headphones, people buy it. ✴️ Apple releases new iPhone, people stand in line for it. ✴️ Oprah promotes a weight loss program, people jump on board. ✴️ Friend or family member starts a new business, people are leary of buying it. ⚠️ What is wrong with this picture?! ⚠️ Why are we so quick to support someone we don't know, who has plenty of money already, but we have a million reasons not to support someone we know living a regular lifestyle?! I will ALWAYS support my friends side or full time businesses above all others. Many of my amazing friends have a second income that is providing a way for them to spend more time with family, and I will put my money with them to help ensure that happens. ALWAYS. The products they stand behind WORK (for my MLM friends), the products the others sell/make are better quality than big store bought, so I ask the rest....give us all a chance, what do you honestly have to lose? Support your own! ✌Truth #friendsempoweringfriends

11 0 Jul 8, 2016

Empowerment! #childrenempowerment #womenempowerment #menempowerment #familyempowerment #friendsempoweringfriends . . . #Repost diaryofanaijagirl ・・・ “When I was a child I was embarrassed about my condition and I did not understand why I was always in hospital. The children at school would question why I was off sick and I would make excuses, simply because I struggled to explain what I was suffering from . I wanted to raise more awareness of sickle cell and to give children with this condition the peace of mind that I did not have growing up . The book provides answer to children who face the problems I faced. It empowers children with sickle cell to understand their condition, how to stay well and how to live a full life. And it empowers their friends to understand the condition too.” - Jenica Leah . ***Hopefully, there's a permanent solution/cure to sickle cell Anemia soon. God bless Jenica*** . #DANG #beinspired

10 0 Feb 28, 2017

THIS 👇👇 MAMA! Huge shout out to her. Like FOR REAL....lots of ❤️ for you Emily Gomez!! You’re a true inspiration to us all, especially mamas! Consistency + Time + Effort = SUCCESS Working your business, staying healthy & strong for Baby G & GLOWING inside & out. THIS is what true beauty is. Serving others through passion, purpose & heart. Leading the team. Pulling others to find their meaning. Keep it going because we are ALL cheering for you! 💕❤️ #teampassionwithpurpose #mnmom #mnlife #friendsempoweringfriends #womenempowerment

9 0 Dec 27, 2017

Great event today with my sisters!! Girl Rise Girl Talk! Born with a purpose to rule & soar! Thanks to terristaci for making me apart of this great movement!!You are such an inspiration! #friendsempoweringfriends #girlrisegirltalk #mamaiknowuwatching 👼🏽love u ladies! kishaaugustine getfitwithgaby tracey_wiley terristaci

80 13 Nov 26, 2016

Friends = LOVE💘 #natalielovedrobby #love #friendsempoweringfriends #specialorder

18 1 Aug 2, 2017

So, my mom and her friends made a Vision Board for 2018 on Friday Night. One of the things on my moms vision board was to start walking and exercising. She, being the pro-active woman that she is, started this walking journey Yesterday! I was not part of this vision and walked 3 miles yesterday and 5 miles today! I am exhausted! #beingaccountable #friendsempoweringfriends #mymommaworemeout

7 0 Dec 18, 2017

Hey Klikites! It's officially Kelly's birthday, so let's all wish her a good one! A very happy birthday to a dear Klikite kelz_isedeh... May all ur dreams come true! ... #TheKlik #TheKlikNigeria #ConnectInspireEmpower #BusinessNetworking #FriendsEmpoweringFriends

52 12 Jan 29, 2018

Yeah pretty much! With that said. I'm doing me. Working on me for me and for my kids. I will have the best me and so will my kids. I realize I'm as #codependent as they come. Half way through the #book #codependentnomore by #melodybeatty .... I'm taking charge of my life. I'm single and staying that way for two years, no serious relationships as advised by two of my closest girlfriends. I need to learn how to be right. It's true. Plus I have so many plans for businesses and stuff I have time for me and my kids, good friends and business partners. Not going to spread myself thin and give out energy where it's not deserved. Love you all 💖 we've all been through something, right!? The important thing is to take charge, get off autopilot, get real uncomfortable and say hello to the unknown. #inthedriversseat of my life! #changingbehaviours #selfhelpbooks are my hero so are #goodfriends #womeempoweringwomen #friendsempoweringfriends #queen #bossbabe xo

34 1 May 1, 2017

Screaming HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my rollie for life !!!! fanyamour ,We been doing this for a lil min now and I look forward to celebrating many more with you !!! We went from clubbing every weekend to becoming mommies 😂😂. But I wouldn't trade not one bit of it . I love you girl and hope you're having fun in NYC . Can't wait to celebrate when you get back 😝😝❤️❤️ #friendsempoweringfriends #inthisforlife👭

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