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Oden soup a.k.a fish cake soup. This is perfect for the winter time as it is nice and warm with a hint of heat, perfect to keep you from the cold. It comes with a variations of fish cake including ones with vegetables in them, but it’s not fishy at all! If you like soup, you will definitely like this!

10 1 Feb 23, 2018

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22 2 Feb 23, 2018

Its a great satisfaction to cook for great People. Paella y Pa Ti Chef: Dennis Fernandez

12 2 Feb 23, 2018

Legs after fire today •12 minute stair master •leg day at gym •8.58km run

45 3 Feb 23, 2018

Ready to Rock & Roll with Papi

11 1 Feb 23, 2018

New logo design!!

24 3 Feb 23, 2018

Cooking for one of my business Sponsors DelSur. Great Brand, Good Quality, Paella Y Pa Ti Chef: Dennis Fernandez.

31 1 Feb 23, 2018

And we’ll be burning up like neon lights

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