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I guess the don't want to wake up this morning #lazy #mybabies #goodmorning #friday #lazyday #puppylove #tired #morningpost #hotmess #dontmove

2 0 Jul 20, 2018

Welcome home, Mom! Oh, the mess? We can explain!

35 2 Jul 20, 2018


15 2 Jul 20, 2018

How and why does he look so cute and sexy at the same time 😭🔥 #hotmess #finnwolfhard #mielevenforlife #followtofollow #sexy #strangerthings #curls #lips

9 4 Jul 20, 2018

SweatClub’s first garage sesh was one sweaxy success!!! . Sweaxy [adjective]: to make oneself sweaty + sexy. . . . #friyay #fitfam #workout #sweaxy #hotmess #friends #SweatClub #squad #personaltrainer #fayettevillear #garagegym #bossbabes #operationfitAF #fitfriends #mindbodysoul #totalbody #cardio #strength #success

20 0 Jul 20, 2018

“You can’t spell imperfection without perfect” #imperfection #beautiful #perfection #hotmess #confidence #igdaily

3 2 Jul 20, 2018

Good morning world! Things are still pretty cloudy but no glasses or contacts 🤩 Follow up later today so 🤞 for a good report!

4 1 Jul 20, 2018

Y'all kno this me all day😂😂😂😂😂 #hitdalinkinmybio👆 #hotmess

15 1 Jul 20, 2018

This is the story of our Hot Mess!!! .. Apologies in advance for the long post..... .. This sweet girl came to us on April 22, 2018. She was covered in fleas and had all sorts of wounds...we are assuming her wounds were due to her scratching at the fleas. She had one eye that was going to need to be removed and one eye that would need some work. She was put on antibiotics and given quite a few baths to help remove the fleas. Once we got the fleas removed and her wounds healed this little one flourished. She was always happy and loved to follow us. It was a very common thing to walk in a room and when you opened the door to come out Mess was waiting for you. She wasn't a big talker but when she did talk to you it was special. She went thru quite a few rounds of antibiotics. We we're starting to plan her eye removal/spay surgery when she started to lose weight. Everybody decided we needed to get her weight back up before her surgery. Two weeks ago on July 5, 2018 she was rushed to the vet...her bad eye had gotten worse. The vet successfully removed her bad eye and was starting her spay when she encountered a problem. Hot Mess's abdomen was filled with fluid...upon further inspection the vet discovered that her intestines were pretty much fused together. There was nothing they could do...the dreaded FIP had claimed another victim. We were able to rush to the vet and be with her when she crossed the rainbow bridge. My Mess was gone...but I will NEVER forget her. Until now other than a few people that knew we haven't told of what the vet had found. FIP is horrible and we need to find out so much more info on it. Hot Mess was cremated and we are trying to raise the rest of the $$$ to bring her home. If you would like to help us bring this precious girl home we have a few ways you can help. We have Venmo Brandi7187 a different PayPal at our gofundme (link in bio). This little girl has been at the vets office for a week waiting to come home. Thank you in advance for helping!!! .. #hotmess #RIP #FIPsucks #bringourgirlhome #dozersheartrescue

9 2 Jul 20, 2018

Rob a bank. It’s fine.

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