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70 1 Feb 18, 2018

सितारों के आगे जहाँ और भी हैं अभी इश्क़ के इम्तिहाँ और भी हैं तही ज़िन्दगी से नहीं ये फ़ज़ायें यहाँ सैकड़ों कारवाँ और भी हैं क़ना’अत न कर आलम-ए-रंग-ओ-बू पर चमन और भी, आशियाँ और भी हैं - - This was clicked on Day 1 of my recent birthday ride. What a day it was! Started with heavy rains which forced us to take a halt for fucking 90 minutes (nope, we were not prepared to ride in rain), almost decided to take an U-Turn towards home but the birthday thing kept me on the track. Followed by a high challan somewhere in Himachal (60kmph was the speed) was another worst thing which happened on the same day. Somehow the next day started with a couple of issues as well 😌 - - #solotravel #storiesofindia #themilemuncher #motorcycle #storytime #lonelyplanet #motorcycleadventure #motorcycleart #motorcycleride #meandmymotorcycle #storiesofmotorcycle #touring #touringbike #motorcycletouring #roadtrip #roadtrippin #motorcyclediaries #incredibleindia #whyweride #inspiredtraveller #biker #bikeride #bikersofinstagram #bikeriding #nomad #wanderer #blogger #bloggersofinstagram #motovlogger #motovlog cellar_darling thank you for the post processing :D

389 11 Feb 18, 2018

Hope y’all had a good weekend! ✨ Will be putting up a new video tomorrow evening. If you’re not already subscribed to my YouTube channel, be sure to subscribe so you get an alert when the video goes up. 🙃

854 58 Feb 18, 2018

No one is you & that is your super power.💙

180 2 Feb 18, 2018

Life often lands us in unexpected places and often not where we think we should be, but it is always where we need to be. Many times we may feel as if we have taken a step backwards when in fact we have actually taken the necessary steps to move us forward. Life is a journey of twists and turns and sometimes life comes full circle in order to prepare and propel us into the life that we are truly meant to live. #nevergiveup #dailyinspiration

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