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Sunglasses disponibles Rojo/Negro $650

0 1 Aug 17, 2018

Cool tip: you can increase the longevity of your shoes by rotating what you wear every 2 - 3 months! #shoeinfinitybeyond

0 1 Aug 17, 2018

32 0 Aug 17, 2018

Want bigger arms? Here’s 3 simple steps 👇🏾😜👇🏾 - - 1. Train each muscle twice a week by doing pull + push days to maximise muscle growth (On push day do 2 tricep exercises and 2 bicep exercises on your pull day. Then you have a pull/push day where you train chest,back, biceps and triceps. 3 exercises per body part with 4 sets of 12) 2. CONTROL the weight at all times. 3. To grow you must have a good diet with high protein. Eating right is just as important as training!

0 1 Aug 17, 2018

#بەهێزبە یەکەم کاری تێکست ڤیدیۆیە پێشکەشی ئێوەی ئازیزی دەکەم بەهیوام هەموو لایەک دەروون دروست بن و کاری نوێتری بە دوادابێت #داناسلێمان * هەموو بەرێزێک ئازادە لە بڵاوکردنەوەی #danasleman #kurdish #kurdi #text #bahezba #kurdistan #love #instagood #instaartist #now #today #slemani #sulaimani

1 1 Aug 17, 2018

잘 먹고 잘 쉬어서 충전 중이니 걱정 마시오

39 5 Aug 17, 2018

- 熱屎一整天 一個禮拜就出門這一次🐼 #hot #havana #great #afternoon #relax #ice #sky #blue #instagram #instagood

0 0 Aug 17, 2018

. . 昨日の仕事おわりに先輩たちと焼肉 🍖⭕️ . 美味しかった !病棟違くなっちゃったけど こうやったご飯いけて沢山お話した 🙆🏻‍♀️✔️ . . #monster #0816 #thankyou ❤︎ #l4l #いいね返し #instagood #like4like

13 0 Aug 17, 2018

현경아 너무 행볻핼 2주만에 만난건데 너무 보고싶었거든 너랑 빠빠이하고 신윤서가 내 배 만지고 싶다길래 내가 너무 간지러워서 토끼다가 어느새 시간이 지나 버렸는데 존잘남이 지나가는거야 그거보고 반했거든 너도 봤으면 그 주제로 이야기 할 수 있었는데 윤서는 그거에 흥미가 없어서 ^^ 어쨎건 또 보고싶엉

1 1 Aug 17, 2018

Lunch bowl 😍 I loveee me some hummus 😍

1 1 Aug 17, 2018

The one thing on my mind after my workout this morning, COCONUT CHIA PUDDING inside a scooped out honeydew 😍🙌🏼🍈🥥This chia pudding is filled with fiber, fresh fruit, coconut milk, collagen peptides + a dash of liquidIV new passion fruit hydration powder. Tastes so fresh and keeps me satisfied throughout the morning 🥥👌🏼💯 I added the remaining passion fruit #LiquidIV powder to a tall glass of water to quench my thirst as a single packet provides the same hydration as drinking 2-3 bottles of water! This also supplements 11 essential vitamins + minerals, is non-GMO and gluten free!Use ADRIANA15 to save 15%, link in IG stories👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼Happy Friday friends!❤️❤️❤️ . Coconut chia pudding 1/2 cup coconut milk (or non-dairy milk of choice) 1/4 cup chia seeds 1 scoop vanilla collagen peptides 1 teaspoon liquidIV passion fruit hydration powder Blend ingredients together in a vitamin or high speed blender. Allow to thicken approximately 15 minutes or overnight. Top with blueberries, banana, bee pollen, hemp seeds and a little honey ✨

12 1 Aug 17, 2018

젠t✔️젠sk✔️ #젠set 요아이는 무조건 소장해야되요 진짜 제가 100000 강추 가을에 진짜 요것만 입을거같아요 몸매 핏 말할거없고 편하고 사이즈 밴딩이예용 ♥️

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