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She makes me laugh like a Fool, and I rather laugh like a Fool for her 💕❤️😁🤓👑 #JudithFiT #proudmom #Uniquefitness #happybaby #sweetness #momlife #mixbaby #Unique #loveyou #goofy

83 1 Apr 20, 2018

Issa #legday Appointment Main sets 5x7 (85kg) Captured my first set & last set The continuation of this workout ll be posted right after this video ( Glutes Accessories for the WINS) 😁😄 -Don't forget to enjoy 🏋️ #JudithFiT

43 4 Apr 20, 2018

Wasn't very very pleased with my lifts due to a busy day, slippery Bar, slippery floor problem😒 (empty stomach😰) I started with 60kg but when I got to 125kg I couldn't lift it from the floor... Whatttt😱 Everything became a problem, I left to another Gym and started my lifts all over again and this what happened. I failed in 140kg tho, next time l be better. All these is just an excuse😅😂😬 #nopainnogain gat to do what u gat to do, or leave it. - Don't forget to enjoy 🏋️ #JudithFiT

62 8 Apr 15, 2018

That area is on Point.... I mean the middle Back👌 #JudithFiT

47 1 Apr 16, 2018

Don't mind the floor, just focus on the Squeeze 👌 #JudithFiT

21 2 Apr 18, 2018

Everyday is always Beautiful ❤️ #JudithFiT

63 2 Apr 15, 2018

..... and this pimple just came out of nowhere to torture my weekend 😒

38 1 Apr 14, 2018

Why won't u grow, when u have put so much hardwork & effort in it. Except u're doing something wrong🤔 #JudithFiT #hardwork #nopainnogain #Uniquefitness

55 1 Apr 15, 2018

Some (dirty) Gym mirrors ll never let you shine 😅 #JudithFiT #Uniquefitness #proudmom

52 4 Apr 20, 2018

She's her mom's princess 👑

60 1 Apr 14, 2018

A quick upper body workout: Bench press 4x8 (30kg) Push-ups 4x10-8-6-4 (only she can do that 😂) DB Shoulder Press 4x8 Jumping jacks with Bench Butt lifts 3xMAX -Don't forget to enjoy 🏋️ #JudithFiT

13 2 Apr 17, 2018

🇳🇬💃 #JudithFiT #proudmom

62 2 Apr 17, 2018

Some crazy sh*t I do sometimes, I gat not idea of what's going on here - Don't forget to enjoy 🏋️ #JudithFiT obi_omah

33 4 Apr 18, 2018

Fun day with my Girl❤️👑

60 1 Apr 14, 2018

Lower Body Accessories ✔️ 4 sets of 12 reps for all 6 exercises 🙋 I did it mostly for my inner thigh functioning, to Activate my mobility & flexibility (Glutes) (it helps me balance since I'm a Sumo Deadlifter 😬) -Don't forget to enjoy 🏋️ #JudithFiT

24 3 Apr 20, 2018

Give Monday what it Deserve - Don't forget to enjoy🏋️ #JudithFiT 🎶 patapaparaofficiel one corner

66 8 Apr 16, 2018

It worth the time baby... It worth it. Give yourself a decent body to be proud of, and make sure u enjoy the journey, it worth the time. #JudithFiT

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