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Yah mo fuckin’ be there!!!! #michaelmcdonaldmonday

17 1 Nov 7, 2017

This is what I was doing instead of watching the super bowl.

40 12 Feb 5, 2018

#michealmcdonaldmonday here I come

41 6 Nov 7, 2017

The best pairing for Merlot is Michael McDonald #MichaelMcDonaldMonday

9 1 Aug 28, 2017

Its not monday, but Santa told me he got some wishes for a #michaelmcdonaldmonday Merry Christmas, im pretty sick so it probably isn't the best. 😂

28 2 Dec 25, 2016

S W E E T F R E E D O M 🙌 Thx rahsaanpatterson #michaelmcdonaldmonday I was 22 years old when this was a hit, I used to lift my hands to the heavens to the G O D of my SALVATION when I heard it only to realize just now THAT EYE AM THE GOD OF MY SALVATION❗👊

59 2 Jan 9, 2018

#onthisday #onthisdayinmusic #onthisdayinhistory #MichaelMcDonald (born February 12, 1952) is an American #singer and #songwriter. McDonald is known for his soulful baritone,and the richness of his voice in the higher registers. His early career included singing vocals with #SteelyDan. He joined #TheDoobieBrothers in 1976 and remained an integral member until 1982, a period which resulted in several hit songs for the band. He has won five #GrammyAwards. #michaelmcdonaldmonday

19 3 Feb 12, 2018

one more view / #tgif

102 12 Mar 10, 2017

I ran out of time and didn't record a proper #michaelmcdonaldmonday! Sorry about that. Maybe something that starts with F for Friday...? #otamatone #livealifeofmemes

27 6 Feb 26, 2018

Yah mo be here #michaelmcdonaldmonday acllive

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