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Happy birthday to my best friend and my only sister. hannayan you have no idea how much I miss you❤️how painful it is to understand that I can’t share my thoughts and ideas with you. Life with you was an unending adventure and I’m so thankful to God for every minute of it .You’ll be always in my heart I love you ❤️ С днём рождения моя единственная hannayan . Знала бы ты как я скучаю по тебе , как хочу делиться с тобой со своими мыслями, идеями. Жизнь с тобой была сплошным переключением ❤️. В фотках с права мы фоткались с Анной и она внезапно пролила на меня кофе (вот таким образом )я так этого не ожидала, (вот такая непредсказуемая была она ) потом мы начали сильно смеяться❤️. Я так рада что все таки смогла запечатлеть этот момент навсегда. Моя любимая ты всегда останешься в моем сердце . #imAna #anest4ever #mylive #sistersforever #mysister #missyou #thebestsister #lovemysister #birthdaygirl #birthday #alwaysinmyheart #thebestsister #thebestsisterever #sisterhood #sisters #sisterly

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You are always so busy with one thing or another and don't take time to rest and fully absorb and integrate what you have experienced. Even during your personal downtime you distract yourself with things like TV, music, internet, gaming, etc. Try to make your downtime free from these kinds of distractions today, as it is the balance between work and downtime that creates real inner harmony. And it is this inner harmony that helps you manage your sensitivities so that you don't go into overwhelm. Chrysocolla promotes balance, level headedness, clarity of thought and a calm neutral attitude during times of turbulence. It's a stone of peace, tranquility, patience and unconditional love, whose gentle and soothing qualities help you find inner harmony. Harmony Essential Oil promotes and helps to create harmony in all areas of your life, no matter what seems to be out of balance. It opens you up to creating mindful time to yourself, so you can find peace of mind which helps balance your sensitivities. Blessed be Claudia xxx . . . DM me to purchase your personal in-depth reading by video call or email. You can order this Essential Oil or any other product with a 24 percent discount after creating an account here: . . . . . . . . #byjupiteritsthorsday #thursdaythoughts #tarotthursday #dailytarotreading #tarotreader #tarotdraconis #temperance #balance #innerharmony #tranquility #peace #absorbandintegrate #patience #gemstones #healingcrystal #chrysocolla #harmony #essentialoil #mindfulness #meditation #reikipractitioner #yoga #reikimaster #soulcoach #sisterhood #witchesgonnawitch #witchyvibes #witchesdoitbetter #witchcraft

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אהבה לא נמדדת ברגעים של כיף ושל צחוק, ברגעים שבהם הכל מושלם ופשוט וזורם. אהבה נמדדת דווקא ברגעים הקשים, המאתגרים, אלה שמביאים אותך לקצה וחושפים את אופיו האמיתי של האדם. אהבה נמדדת בכמה את מוכנה לספוג ולהכיל, כמה את מוכנה להמשיך להילחם גם כשהכל אבוד. אהבה נמדדת בזה שגם כשהוא ישן לו בנחת ורוגע את לידו שומרת עליו לא משנה מה. הילד הזה, זכה. זכה בבית חם, במשפחה אוהבת, באם שתעשו בשבילו מעל ומעבר. תישן פשפש קטן...אמא שלך צריכה לנוח גם. #matteo #sleeplittlebaby #theluckyone #proudauntandsister #littledevilindisguise #lovehimsomuch #sisterhood

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alexpearl824 💖

9 1 Jul 19, 2018

Know your worth. Learning to love yourself is the first step. via fleurdelisspeaks #TheLightHouse #lighthousearabia #TLH #mentalhealthawareness #positiveenergy #Dubai

20 4 Jul 19, 2018

#TBT of this art piece I made to recreate a Cluster of Titanium Crystals. When we remove the Crystals from the earth, we detach them from one another - one goes this this side of the world, the other to that side. One will become a necklace, the other will be put on a shelf. Do we ever ask if they like being seperated? In this piece I explore the possibility of reconnecting them as a sign of respect for where they came from. The other Crystals in this peice are Green Calcedony = all about fresh starts & Flourite = flow, ease. Let me know what you think about this Art work. Have a fun fantastic day loves!

10 3 Jul 19, 2018

FEMININE FLOW- UPDATE 💘💝🌜🌛🌞☀💥⚡🌙🍄🍂🍁💘💝🌜🌛🌞☀💥⚡🌙🍄🍂🍁 Hey Beautiful Sisters, Just a quick little video update on the new direction and purpose of my business Fb pg. FB- Anybody who is on my personal FB profile who is interested in education around The Sacred feminine, RE-connecting to her innate Feminine wisdom, Feminine embodiment practices and our menstrual rhythms and cycles then please like the page or SWITCH. For now, I will be using it as my main platform to inspire, educate ,learn ,share, support and blog in the domain of Sacred Feminine Empowerment Coaching. If you disagree with what I have to say then I welcome in constructive feedback BUT i do not tolerate hate, and online bullying. If you wish to receive my upcoming newsletters and blogs then I invite you to Click on the email sign up*- on the left - side bar of my Feminine Flow business page. To follow me on Social media please visit: Insta- FB- Youtube-- . . . . . . . #Feminineembodiement #sisterhood #educate #inspire #LOVE #coaching #Sacredfemininementor #menstrualmagic #innerrhythms 📸- Aleira Moon

5 2 Jul 19, 2018

From the mouth of Michelle Obama!!

26 1 Jul 19, 2018

Happy Birthday to the CEO & Founder of #BoxedSisterhood 💗💜 Nobody’s perfect & we had our moment but at the end of the day, I love the woman you’ve become ! #Sisterhood means everything to you and that’s something nobody could ever take from you ! I’m so proud of you, truly & I pray you enjoy your day ! #LoveYouSus ❤️ #HealBondLoveSlay 👯‍♀️

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Reunited after almost 4 years, Such a great happiness to be bonding with my dearest friend, Daphne. #friendship #sisterhood Follow more of my posts at my social media accounts: #Instagram #Twitter #Snapchat #Snow & #Flipagram airwindzone #FacebookPage: #blog #Facebook account: #SocialMedia #PinkPhotographer #blogger #AirwindZone #Philippines #Filipino #socialmediamarketing #photography #TurismoFilipinasByAirwindzone #SharePH #choosePhilippines #itsmorefuninthePhilippines

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So it’s Martha’s last day at preschool today and her last day at nursery tomorrow and I am all sorts of emotional about her starting school in September 😫 she makes me so proud. She has the kindest heart and is brave beyond measure. Her excitement, determination, independence and constant happiness radiates every day. Oh the adventures you will have little one. My only advice is to work hard or lower your expectations never underestimate how powerful kindness is and never let anyone make you feel less than you’re worth. 💕

3 1 Jul 19, 2018

Sisterly love 💕 . A throwback to a day spent at Pinnacle point. 💕

6 1 Jul 19, 2018

I work on the premise that those who do not like me may at least respect me...thankyou Melissa for this gorge you zing zillions ya cheeky geeky biatch! #rebelgirls #sisterhood #sisterfromanothermista #mymentalhealthjourney 😚✌💪peace out

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