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The guys are busy making out programs this weekend for clients. With every package we can make out a personalized program to suit you! Just ask at the desk to be booked in for an assignment! #TeamDSHF 💚✌️💚✌️

22 3 Jun 15, 2018

Patiently waiting for everyone to come in and smash their Tuesday workout! Open till 10pm Mon through Thursday. 🤩💚✌️

48 1 Jun 12, 2018

We wouldn't normally post about clients, but we couldn't resist when we saw how WOW Julie looked at her hen! She's been working so incredibly hard and we are like proud Mammy's and Daddy's here watching on 😭. Can't wait to crash the party Julie! 😂🙈 #TeamDSHF #BrideToBe

126 6 May 15, 2018

It's Friday!!! Any newbies there ? Call into us for a session or a class over the weekend. Gym Pay As You Go €8. Classes Pay As You Go €5. #TeamDSHF 👌💚✌💚👌

65 4 May 18, 2018

Still plenty of room for more names on our stairs 💚✌. #TeamDSHF

68 6 May 30, 2018

Feeling the positive vibes halfway through the week! #TeamDSHF

78 0 May 16, 2018

Its a Deadlift & Burpee kind of day. 😎☀☀💚 #TeamDSHF

45 1 May 10, 2018

Happy Hump Day everyone! If you don't make it to the gym because of this beautiful weather, then don't fear, Aidean is here to show you a home workout just use a decking chair as your prop. Head over to stories to see how their demonstrated! Split squats Squats Plank Push ups Walking lunges Mountain climbers #TeamDSHF 💚💚💚💚

88 1 May 16, 2018

Nearly there guys, hang in! Opening hours are as follows for this long weekend ahead. Friday open till 8 as normal. Saturday 8-4. Sunday 9-2. Monday 10-4. Have a great weekend guys!! #TeamDSHF 💚💚💚

33 1 Jun 1, 2018

Sprinting into the weekend like... #TeamDSHF 💚💚💚

50 1 May 11, 2018

The sundayswellrebels lads smashing their circuit class yesterday with aideanbutler_pt 💪🏻 Had to take the class outside with the amazing weather we’re having 🌞 #TeamDSHF 💚✌🏻

39 0 May 24, 2018

MOOD. ☀☀☀☀ #TeamDSHF

96 3 May 28, 2018

Happiest of birthdays to our fwend stacky95 💚💚. Don't forget to give Jamie a sweaty hug when you're in to workout today 😂! #TeamDSHF #HappyBirthday

110 9 May 31, 2018

Happy 2nd year anniversary to this beautiful couple from all here at DSHF. We love you dansweeney14 for being an awesome boss and we love you cathysweeneypiccio for bringing us coffee when we have none! Lol #TeamDSHF 💚💚💚✌✌✌

130 4 May 14, 2018

We are half way through our pre season with Sundays Well and if you want your team to train hard once a week like these guys then drop us a DM! Just keep in mind, Aidean dose not make the classes easy!! #TeamDSHF

66 2 Jun 13, 2018

Aidean making the most of the sun yesterday ☀☀☀! aideanbutler_pt sundayswellrebels #TeamDSHF ✌💚✌💚

94 7 May 17, 2018

"They see me rollin"! #TeamDSHF

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