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CSD Pride in Zürich 2018 with friends, that was great time, miss it 🏳️‍🌈 #pride #pride🌈 #csd #zurichpridefestival #zurichpride #zurichpride2018 #zürichpride #pridezurich #crossdresser #ladyboy #transvestite #transisbeautiful #lbgt #lbgtq #tsgirl

12 1 Jun 20, 2018

20 1 Jun 20, 2018

By far my favorite class to be apart of. So much love in the store and so many great interactions. This is why I love my job. #Repost sephoramallofamerica with get_repost ・・・ Thank you to everyone who attended our Class for Confidence: Bold Beauty for the Transgender Community! It was an honor to be able to instruct and encourage our clients this morning!💕 There are still spots available for our next class on June 22nd at 6pm! And stay tuned for more Bold Beauty classes at Mall of America and other stores in the twin cities area! #sephoramallofamerica #sephoramoa #sephorastands #boldbeauty #transisbeautiful

2 0 Jun 20, 2018

New shoes from pair number 26 in total, number 11 from Mustang 😂... I love them ❤️ #tranny #maletofemale #translesbian #transisbeautiful #womanstyle #heels #balerinas #transgirlsofinstagram #petraczechtransgirl #almostwoman #hrt #maletofemale #mtf #mtftransgender #shoesfetish :)

0 0 Jun 20, 2018

Sometimes I feel like I am too sensitive for this world... I’m emotionally intuitive, which means I’m like a highly sensitive, finely tuned instrument when it comes to emotions. I feel everything, sometimes to an extreme, I’m less apt to intellectualising feelings. Intuition is the filter through which I experience the world. Being intuitive means I have the ability to understand or know something without having any direct evidence or reasoning process. I’m also an emotional empath. I’m naturally giving, spiritually open and a good listener... but I can have my feelings hurt too because I am often told that I am “too sensitive” and need to “toughen up”. I literally absorb other people’s emotions. I’m highly attuned to other people’s moods, good and bad. I’ve discovered that being an emotional empath is a very rare “gift”, and I know that it may sound the same as being “empathetic or empathic”, but the two are very distinct. Empathy is the ability to comprehend or imagine what another person might be feeling. Whereas, and empath can literally feel what another person is feeling. I hope this gives you all a little more of an insight into who I am as a human being.

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