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i made some collage-style illustrations for this year's reeperbahn_festival's magazine. if you like to see more of my professional work as an illustrator you can have a look at my second account wischnikdraws

18 1 Sep 24, 2018

น้องกบ มารับเเผ่นกลับไปฟังที่บ้าน Romeo + Juliet: Soundtrack, Anderson Paak / Malibu (vinyl) ขอบคุณมากคร้าบน้องครับ 🎸🎹🎵👍❤️

18 1 Sep 24, 2018

for lazy monday..... Al Green / I'm Still in Love with You (vinyl) อัลบั้มที่อบอวลไปด้วยความรัก ในปี 1972 ของ "Al Green" ที่มีเพลงรักยอดเยี่ยม "Love and Happiness", และมีบทเพลงที่นิตยสาร "Rolling Stone" ให้ติดอันดับ "Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time" ถึง 2 เพลง "I'm Still in Love with You" กับ "Look What You Done for Me"...พร้อมเพลงเก่าในปี 1964 "Oh, Pretty Woman" ของ "Roy Orbison" ที่เขานำมาร้องในแบบโซลได้ไพเราะทีเดียว...ใครกำลังมีความรัก, หรือกำลังจะมี...เชิญครับ 🎸🎹🎵

12 1 Sep 24, 2018

My small collection of tonearms -absolutely brilliant heavy arm SME 3012R. Gives 100% of performance to any low compliance cartridge and all the vinyl magic. ☝️ Best partner for Koetsu, Ortofon SPU, Fidelity Research and other cartridges with the compliance not more than 10. # Моя небольшая коллекция тонармов - великолепнейший тяжелый тонарм SME 3012R. Полностью раскрывает любой низкоподатливый картридж и создаёт абсолютную виниловую магию. ☝️ Идеальная пара для головок Koetsu, Ortofon SPU, Fidelity Research и других голов с податливостью не выше 10. . #vinyllovers #vinyllove #33rpm #turntable #audiophile #vinylrecord

4 1 Sep 24, 2018

Delighted to own this early #eighties classic of surprisingly gloomy post-punk indie from #1981. A minor classic from #AlteredImages that must have surprised a few listeners at the time given how very different everything else on this album is from the one track people had probably heard before they bought it, #HappyBirthday. A great listen all the way through, albeit with the title track being an enjoyable but incredibly jarring intrusion at the beginning of side two before normal service is resumed. Normal service being something resembling early #Blondie on a massive downer after listening to too much #JoyDivision, with hints of #SiouxsieAndTheBanshees. In any case, this was another great purchase from #TheHillsUpMarket in #CastleHill. 👍🏻😀. #vinyl #nowplaying #nowspinning #vinyljunkie #vinylcollection #vinyllove #lovevinyl #vinylporn #vinylclub #vinyladdict #vinyligclub #vinyllovers #analogue

12 0 Sep 24, 2018

September Vinyl Challenge - MrCupVinyl - Day 24: Favourite Sleeve Of The 70s — Tangerine Dream - Zeit — Ooof, not an easy pick but I think this cover is pretty striking. #septembervinylchallenge #vinyl #vinylcommunity #vinylinstagram #vinyllovers #vinyljunkie #vinylcollection #vinylforever #vinylcollective #vinyladdict #fortheloveofvinyl #vinyljunkie #mrcupvinyl #favouritesleeve #70s #tangerinedream #zeit #ambient #experimental

9 0 Sep 24, 2018

My small collection of tonearms - ultra light MOERCH UP-4 long and GRACE-545. Moerch up-4 is good for high compliance cartridges but DP-6 and DP-8 outperform it. ☝️ If you ask me what Moerch tonearm is the best I would definitely say DP-6 long. It gives all the benefits of Moerch tonearms in sound without making you spend too much money as DP-8 does. ☝️ GRACE-545 is a tonearm valuable for its low price only. It gives a high compliance cartridge only 70-75% if it’s full performance but it’s the cheapest among all ultra light tonearms and easy obtainable. # Моя небольшая коллекция тонармов - ультра лёгкие MOERCH UP-4 и GRACE-545. Moerch up-4 отличный партнёр для высокоподатливых картриджей, но уступает DP-6 и DP-8 с длинными трубками. ☝️ По моему опыту лучший из тонармов Moerch - двенадцатидюймовый DP-6. Он полностью раскрывает высокоподатливые картриджи и не является неоправданно дорогим, как DP-8. ☝️ GRACE-545 может быть интересен только за счёт низкой цены. Он раскрывает картридж только на 70-75%, но зато является самым дешевым среди лёгких тонармов. #33rpm #turntable #audiophile #vinyladdict #vinylporn #vinylcommunity #vinylcollector #vinyllovers #vinyllover

5 0 Sep 24, 2018

I made something for reeperbahn_festival's magazine. these illustrations accompany an article about how streaming technology revolutionizes the music industry.

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