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A man and his boy. _ Harris shared a better version of this shot - a little wider and a minute or so earlier - but I couldn’t resist sharing this too. When we headed for our walk this evening, the sky was grey and looked like rain. And it was late. But we really wanted to head to the beach with the lads, even for a short walk. Just to shake off the week. And this is what we found... . _ #chasinglight _

55 3 May 26, 2018

Когда тень от фонаря в виде цветка ♥️ #modica

632 3 May 25, 2018

This stone, right? . _ #agameoftones _

105 3 May 25, 2018

That look you give when it's chucking it down outside but you're insisting on a walk knowing full well that you'll be lovely and dry and floating on cloud 9 in your little bubble of a pram whilst your mummy is going to get soaking wet #wishicouldsitabovethesecloudstoo #whopissedthesunoff

41 6 May 25, 2018

Lurking in the corner

201 13 May 25, 2018

You settled. Did not. Did. Did not. Did. Did not. Did. Did I? Did you? Did. Do-re-mi. Did you just? Did I?

39 1 May 25, 2018

Чистая любовь #modica

1000 6 May 25, 2018

The weather is starting to get really gloomy for the last few days here. So I’m trying to soak in the sun as much I can. Sadly our view of a volcano today was hidden in clouds but the lake was lovely (which I’ve been told is actually a volcano, so at least I saw one today lol) ✨

170 1 May 25, 2018

Второй день каникул: пуститься во все тяжкие - миссия перевыполнима! Обойти все площадки на районе и ̶у̶ш̶а̶т̶а̶т̶ь̶ ̶м̶а̶м̶о̶ч̶к̶у̶ ̶д̶о̶ ̶и̶з̶н̶е̶м̶о̶ж̶е̶н̶и̶я̶ ̶ встретить добрую половину нашего класса✔️ Навернуться с самоката, разбить щиколотку, приложить грязный подорожник и услышать мой ̶о̶р̶ ̶ спокойный разъясняющий инструктаж по поводу действий в данной ситуации✔️ И еще, вопрос к залу: до какого возраста можно пройти фейсконтроль в песочницу? А то одна ̶н̶е̶р̶в̶н̶а̶я̶ ̶м̶а̶м̶а̶ш̶а̶ ̶, ̶и̶с̶т̶е̶р̶и̶ч̶н̶а̶я̶ ̶м̶а̶м̶а̶н̶ ̶ рассудительная мамуличка, всё причитала, да причитала, на Дашеньку, что «чёй та большие здесь ходють», так по итогу оказалось, что её дочурочке то уже девять годиков, как ясен день, стукнуло. Ну а Дашеньке всего восемь #нокакиенашигоды #ураканикулы #Дашенька

32 7 May 25, 2018

A throwback to last Friday when we were on the beach with this dynamic duo finnandted - along with their 🙋🏼 cneilpetphotos, audreyschnauzer and her 🙋🏼 blogonadog, and bettingtonbear and our Auntie Claire claireloumcvicar78. _ Finn and Ted’s photographer 🙋🏼 Caitlynn took loads of photos of our beach day, and we’re going to share a few here later. But first, here’s another of Finn and Ted looking crazy handsome. _ #fridaysareforfriends _

357 7 May 25, 2018

Nights like this, running on the beach with just the sound of the sea and the wind in your fur... and a sunset like this. _ #chasinglight #nofilterneeded _

445 51 May 26, 2018

🖤 #siracusa

1211 3 May 25, 2018

Another from yesterday, and a well-earned rest stop as 🙋🏻and I were walking back across town. The Old Town was so busy with guided tours and people milling around, I needed a wee break, so we found a quiet spot in Parliament Square, tucked behind St Giles’ Cathedral. _ Bandana by whiskersandstitched. Biothane collar + hemp + Harris Tweed lead by brambleandfriends. _ #adventureyourway _

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