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1 0 Jun 18, 2018

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20 2 Jun 18, 2018

Niebo o świcie. A przy okazji drobny eksperyment. . Zdjęcie #1 Zwróćcie uwagę na lampę zawieszoną na kablu. . Zdjęcie #2 #UFO? . Zdjęcie #3 Czyste foto bez sztucznych elementów w postaci kabli czy „UFO”. . Tak się tworzą teorie spiskowe. UFO w Warszawie? Phi... a raczej #Photoshop... choć w tym przypadku sprawę załatwiła prosta aplikacja do obróbki zdjęć na iPhone. 👏🏻 . #niebo #świt #chmury #wschódsłońca #100lica #warsaw #poland #niezidentyfikowanyobiektlatający #unidentifiedflyingobject #retouch #retusz #picexperiment #eksperyment #eksperymentgraficzny #teoriaspiskowa #obcy #aliens #marsjanie #👽

4 0 Jun 18, 2018

Szczęśliwy tramwaj

3 1 Jun 18, 2018

Женщины, как розы… Чем быстрее полностью раскроется роза, тем быстрее она завянет… Не спешите себя раскрывать и не позволяйте всем трогать вас руками… У Вас для этого есть шипы… Цветите и дарите свой чудесный аромат только тем людям, которые действительно этого достойны… Ради которых не жалко расцвести! Модель: galchuk_oksanka Фото: mas1803_photo #photocanon #photographer #photos #photo #portrait #polska #polishgirl #poland #warsaw #warszawa #foto #fotowarszawa #zdięcie #фотосессияваршава #женственность #фотоваршава #женщина

16 2 Jun 18, 2018

After the death of Zygmunt August, the new king had to be chosen among the Hapsburgs or French princes. At the moment when the French envoy left to Poland to opt for Wazzy's bid, in France the Huguenots were slaughtered. The prince's participation in the night of St. Bartłomiej was unclear, but it complicated Henryk's efforts to crown the Polish crown. Henryk Walezy, 22, arrived in Poland on January 24, 1574. Less than a month later, he was crowned king. The personal experience of the king at this age was not very big but together with him came some experienced advisers, who largely ruled for him. His decisions were generally accurate, but it is not known if he or his advisers took them. Henryk Walezy did not know Polish, which significantly hindered his active participation in public life. He spent his free time on entertainment, and when he was about to take in, he simulated the disease. He put a lot of attention to his appearance: he carefully selected clothes, jewelery and he arranged hair. The king was suspected of homosexual tendencies. He organized sumptuous balls and devoted himself to gambling, losing high sums at the expense of the state treasury. Walezy was not aware of the state matters and it seems that he did not want to get that knowledge. When he left France to take the throne in the country on the Vistula, there was no sign that he would have to return to his homeland so quickly. His brother Karol IX unexpectedly died on May 30, 1574. Walezy realized that there was no question of a legal departure, and on the night of June 18, 1974, secretly, without consulting the senate, he left the Wawel. For the Habsburgs it was a unique opportunity, they realized that Henry could not rule France and Poland at the same time. They hoped that they would be able to settle their candidate on the Polish throne, which is why Emperor Maximilian made it easier for Henryk to get through Vienna to France. It is hardly surprising Polish historiography, we had the full right to be offended. French historiography begins to appreciate him and consider him one of the most prominent kings of France. I also invite you to history_pl_color

2 2 Jun 18, 2018

Tunnel. #warszawa #warsaw #nofilter

2 1 Jun 18, 2018

niecukruj i nasze kolorowe pyszności 🥙

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