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4 0 Aug 19, 2017

Ive been quiet about abusive relationships. Am free from them for the first time in my life and I guess needed a break from the topic. But reality is I've experienced it many times and had the courage to get out for good. So now, I wonder who else feels trapped as I once did. So the silence ends.. #abusiverelationship #relationshit #clusterb #personalitydisorder #complexptsd #panicdisorder #dissociativeidentitydisorder

24 3 Aug 19, 2017

Think about all the lies, the put downs and the gaslighting. All the times you tried to explain your heart to someone who was committed to misunderstanding it. All the times your empathetic heart was used by the Narcissist, who said it was your own fault. All the times the Narcissist stepped on your heart, then said you were too sensitive. All the times you were told to ignore your heart, and sit down and shut up and put up. Think about the beatings your heart has gone through. Think about all the times you ignored your heart— because of the Narcissist. There was a time when your heart said, “Speak the truth,” but the Narcissist said, “Shut up.” There was a time when your heart said, “Watch out,” but the Narcissist said, “Don’t worry.” There was a time when your heart said, “This is a lie,” but the Narcissist said, “Trust me.” There was a time when your heart said, “Remember,” but the Narcissist said, “Forget.” There was a time when your heart said, “I’m worth it,” but the Narcissist said, “You’re not worth it.” The truth is you ARE worth it– You are worth speaking your truth, You are worth explaining your fears, You are worth remembering your pain, You are worth sharing your heart And you are worth having a relationship with someone who treats you with respect and honesty. It’s way past time friend, to listen to your heart.

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