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Y’a moi aussi ! J’aime trop les enfants et les câlins #chaton #adoption #lechatlibredeviviers

0 0 Sep 23, 2018

Moi aussi stp je veux une maison et une famille, avec des enfants #chaton #adoption #lechatlibredeviviers

0 0 Sep 23, 2018

Getting to know Suzy (4/5) My career frequently takes me away from home for the spring and early summer months. Not only is she patient with my difficult hours but supports me in my passion. Her dedication to me and what I love encourages me to strive to be better. #Haleadopt #adoption #adoptionhope #gettingtoknowus

4 0 Sep 23, 2018

- 真的好希望妳們姐妹能夠一起被送到同一個超大的家,然後每天一起奔跑摔角到累癱❤️ 謝謝偉大的攝影師 zxc30006 #領養代替購買 #中途之家 #米克斯 #米克斯驚喜包 #formosanmountaindog #forster #taiwanmix #cutedoggy #adoption #adoptionislove #instadog #dogsofinstagram

6 0 Sep 23, 2018

I got my first ever tattoo tonight. Finally faced my fears! I am so in love with it. 💙 adoption symbol with my adoption date. The 3 points of the triangle represent me, my birth parents, and my adoptive parents and the heart of course the love I receive from them all.

4 1 Sep 23, 2018

This picture is true. Most shelters are always full to capacity and there are always dogs that end up being denied because of this. Please always look for a shelter dog, while some of them may have a broken heart they are ready to love and be a companion to you. Kind Regards- UTS #shelterdogsofinstagram #adoption #adopt #awareness #adoptionrocks #truth

3 0 Sep 23, 2018

♥잉글리쉬 쉽독 잉글이 더운여름힘들었던 잉글이 착하대요 . . #RepostSave tongki2290 with repostsaveapp ・・・ 잉글이는 요즘 너무 천사다. 기부니가 너무 좋은 잉글이. 잉글아...화이팅. 사진속 잉글이는 퇴원후 보호소로 돌아왔을때, 초반에 찍은 사진이예요. 지금은 털도 다시 자라고,많이 좋아졌어요. 잉글이는 저희가 수시로 상태를 잘 체크하겠습니다. 잉글이 입양문의 쪽지맘님 01076671234 문자주세요. #울산유기동물보호센터 #입양 #잉글리쉬쉽독 #반려동물 #견스타그램 #이동봉사 #독스타그램 #펫스타그램 #임시보호 #개 #강아지 #고양이 #반려견 #유기견 #안락사 #사지말고입양하세요 #animals #dog #puppy #cat #pet #adoption #shelter #dogstagram #dogsofinstagram #instadog #englishsheepdog

11 1 Sep 23, 2018

#Repost with respect to forgottendogfoundation_la • • • • • LOOKING for a forever pup to call your own? Look no further! The Forgotten Dog Foundation will be holding an adoption event tomorrow full of the cutest, fuzziest, and most utterly irresistible pups ever!! ♥️🐶💙🐶♥️🐶💙🐶♥️🐶💙 Ck out our site: to see our available dogs! You can contact our rescue or dm us for more info! Come meet our friendly and helpful volunteers who can guide you and help you on finding the perfect pet or with any questions you might have! Hope to see you tomorrow!! Adoption Event Info: U.S. Bank 10:30am-1pm 15305 Sunset Blvd Pacific Palisades 90272 #adoptdontshop #spayandneuter #dogs #dogsofinstagram #socal #losangeles #pacificpalisades #gelsonsmarkets #reacuedogsofinstagram #adoption #adoptionevent #event #welovedogs #pooch #sunday

2 0 Sep 23, 2018

maloos is a sweet girl waiting for her new home! she loves cuddling and loves to be pet all the time!!!! Feel free to share❤ Warning: you will fall in love if you met her! Let me know if you are interested in adopting her and I will bring her over to meet you. She will be vaccined and fixed by next week. #arizonacats #adoption #cats #animalsofinstagram

12 0 Sep 23, 2018

Incoming adoptables!! Meet Duke and Waylon! They were born on the 4th of July (a little more than 11 weeks old), and are lab/shepherd puppies! Their daddy is a nine month old 92 lb shepherd mix so these little boys will grow up to be big boys! They are so extraordinarily sweet, love cuddles and to be held while they lick your face. Let us know if you'd like to meet them!! #adoptable #adoptdontshop #rescue #adoption #family #pets #love #dogs #SCAR #spay #neuter Side note: mama dog will be spayed on Wednesday to prevent any more unnecessary litters, courtesy of a grant awarded to us by Friends of Community Animal Services for spay/neuter vouchers. To date, we have spayed/neutered almost 19 animals courtesy of their grant.

5 0 Sep 23, 2018

His hands. Every night one of us stays up (me) or wakes up (him) to feed him. Second dinner to get him through an entire night of rest. He basically created his own schedule and it has been a godsend to be over the newborn up-every-two-hours gig... (I am someone who needs a lot of uninterrupted, deep sleep). Now that we are easing into this routine I know to expect this last feeding and I find myself looking forward to it. Just him and me. No distractions - just a bottle, a baby, and a Mama in the late night hours. Lately he has started to open his hands, a developmental marker we are obnoxiously excited about! Tonight, he is cuddled into me tightly, with this precious hand over my heartbeat. I like to think he gets great comfort here. I sure do love having a sleeping baby against my chest. His little face is a treasure to behold, and I find great expanses of time may pass to realize I've spent them simply staring at his sleeping face. He is so loved, and I pray tonight that he is always loved well. By us, or by the appointed family we have yet to meet, that he is wanted and valued for the gift of light that this face brings to the world. No matter what comes for us on this journey, these little moments in the quiet of night, when all he knows is comfort and the warmth and smell of my skin against his cheek, may he rest well in the obvious truth of this affection that is mine, given freely, given well. Should he not become my son through adoption - should time come forth and bring great change so that he is no longer ours, I want nothing less for him than to know what he knows right now... Love. #thisisfostercare #fostermom #godsplan #fostertoadopt #adoption

1 1 Sep 23, 2018

Dis, tu m’adoptes ? Je veux des câlins stp... #chaton #chat #adoption #LeChatLibreDeViviers

2 0 Sep 23, 2018

On Friday, August 31st, 2018 - Zane legally became our son. TJ and I knew the day we met him, he was meant to be a Gregory-Woolley. We have had such a wonderful time parenting him this past year. He's so bright, funny and loving and is such a great big brother to Joshua. He's shown Joshua, modeled for Joshua, that having a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder may mean you have individual gifts, and individual can be cool, but it doesn't mean "other", "different" or "abnormal". We love you Zane Gregory-Woolley ❤️ Thank you for choosing us to be your forever family. #autismactivist #autismawareness #ASD #autismspectrum #autismspectrumdisorder #adoption #fostadopt #blendedfamily #blendedfamilies #gaydads #gaydad #gayfather #gayfathers #gayparents #loveislove

3 1 Sep 23, 2018

When I take Elmo out for some playtime, we spend about 20 mins together each time. This is enough time for him to get some pets, play lots of fetch, sniff around and have some treats. At the end of the 20 mins, he's relatively tired and we go back to his kennel. During those 20 mins, Elmo is all smiles he's living life to the fullest! The rest of the hours that I'm there, THIS is the Elmo that I walk by... another dog looking through kennel bars, ready to go home. I want that joy Elmo has in his 20 mins out of his kennel, to be the joy he has forever! Instead of going back to his kennel after 20 mins of play, he gets to flop down on a soft bed and snooze in peace and quiet. <3 You can read more about 3 yr old Elmo at his Adoptapet bio here: Visit him for adoption (dog intro required) at the MCAC West shelter in Phx! A4102578

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