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PART 2 OF 2. I believe that by working on our inner demons, learning to transform hate into love and leading by example, we can light the way for others and create a loving space to move forward to. So it all starts with SELF DEVELOPMENT. Meditation, reflecting, learning lessons from relationships and challenges in life. Self love, realising your worth. A shedding of the ego and fears. Then an AWAKENING. Seeing things for what they are in the bigger perspective. Realisation of what is important to you really. Your journey, your mission. Connection. Unity. Counciousness. Raising the vibration. Seeing your creative potential. Why are you here? What is your calling? What you have to offer to this world and how you can do this. And then OFFERING IT FREELY TO OTHERS. The lessons that you have learnt. With no judgments or blame. Just sharing and helping to shape and change the world. Inspiring others to do the same with love and kindness. To encourage others to take these steps too. Helping and healing others, just like you are helping to heal yourself and the wider world. And eventualy attracting others away from this old system and unconconsious way of living too. And creating this new loving space for us all to move forward together in.... So it's all just really a matter of transformation. Caterpillar to butterfly. Sending you so much love on your journey and I hope sharing this helps you in some way... 🙏💞 #oneloveforallbeings 🕊

77 3 Feb 24, 2018

Be kind. ❤🐶🐱🐺🐵🦁🐯🐴🐷🐄🐃🐮🐗🐏🐐🐫🐀🐭🐘🐹🐰🐇🐿🐻🐨🐼🦃🐔🐓🐣🐤🐦🐧🕊🐸🐊🐢🐍🐲🐉🐳🐠🐡🐙🐚🦀🐌🐛🐜🐝🐞🕷🦂💚 #karma #saveanimals #adoptdontshop #govegan #ahimsa #nonviolence #karmaisabitch #dowell #bekind #begood #allanimalsarethesame #nomeat #vegan #dontagreewithanimalslaugther #sejavegano #love #peace #crueltyfree #dontuset3stonanimalscompaniies #companiesthattestonanimals

8 1 Feb 24, 2018

Love & life #namaste #plantbased

44 3 Feb 24, 2018


61 5 Feb 24, 2018

A huge thank you to activist, Amy Jean Davis and filmmaker Shaun Monson (check out: earthlings) for presenting at Veda Yoga’s teacher training tonight and exposing the suffering endured by animals at factory farms, talking about the environment, nutrition, and what we can do to make a difference!!! #knowledgeispower #vegancommunity #ahimsa #compassionforall #watchwithyoureyes #seetruthasitis

11 0 Feb 24, 2018

PART 1 OF 2. Please read... There are so many reasons to be angry, right? So much injustice & violence in this world, it all seems very unfair. I don't blame people for being angry about it. But I worry that this anger just feeds more hatred & doesn't end up creating another way, and we all end up kind of stuck in it. It seems sometimes that everywhere we look people are being encouraged to be angry. There is this quote that I see thrown around all the time especially among activists that if you are not angry then you are not paying attention... I get it but it doesn't truly resonate in the same way it used to. There are so many people trying to make the world a better place which is beautiful but unfortunately so many are trapped in hatred themselves. I know that we all get angry but I honestly don't think that anger is the solution to these problems & this might not be a very popular opinion among activists but i don't want to encourage more anger in this world, I think we have enough already. I used to be so angry ALL the time, I used to just rage & rage & rage. But I'd always have this terrible feeling inside that stayed with me. I'd become sick & tired so frequently. Feeling so drained of energy. It was a dark place & it was exhausting being angry all the time. It was like my body, my heart & intuition were giving me signs that this was not the way forward. I didn't know another way though. I was just so angry from seeing all the injustice & the violence inflicted upon innocent beings. I see now that I was trying to challenge this hatred in society without reflecting on my own hatred inside. Anger is a powerful feeling so I am not saying to work against it. And not saying that you are wrong for expressing it either. But i think instead of getting caught up in it, we can learn to work with it and transform it with wisdom and then act from a place of love. We can do this by working on ourselves and making a conscious effort to raise our vibrations 🙌❤... to be continued in next post.

50 4 Feb 24, 2018

Breakfast to fuel my body and brain for a day of knee e revised, seated yoga and studying. Bring it on world - I feel wonderful today 😁 #mindfulnutrition #mindfuleating #mindfulness #intuitiveeating #veganfood #rawvegan #healingfoods #healingwithfood #healthybreakfast #nomorediet #nutrition #wfpb #overeatersanonymous #12steps #bingeeatingrecovery #ayurveda #ahimsa #gratitude #dharma #loveyourbody #selfcare

28 0 Feb 24, 2018

Apples + mixed berries + kiwi + pear + grapes + flaxseed drink + linwoodshealthfoods hemp protein mix = #fatmango fully charged for the day #breakfast #smoothie #fruits #plantpower #plantbased #energise #greatstarttotheday #hungerlockeduptilllunch #crueltyfree #ahimsa

11 0 Feb 24, 2018

Escuta com atenção o teu corpo, a tua respiração, a tua mente, observa o teu ser! <3 Um lindo fim-de-semana e boas práticas! #namaste #yoga #silencios #hathayoga #pratyahara #ahimsa #dharana #dhyana #yogasutras #portimao homeyogashala

11 1 Feb 24, 2018

Detail of the gorgeous faceted Smokey Quartz on Ahimsa Mala.. 〰️

9 1 Feb 24, 2018

On Vegetarianism Everyone has a view on this! So do I! I’ve been vegetarian 🌱 for about 5 years now, despite the vote of no confidence from my friends. Many students ask me if vegetarianism is necessary for meditation. I would usually reply, ‘it is helpful, but not necessary.’ Only when the volition to be vegetarian is internally motivated, not externally imposed, then this action has merit. So definitely, follow what feels right for your body and yourself. Not all Vegetarians are compassionate, and not all who are compassionate are vegetarians. ✌🏻 #yoga #vegetarian #compassion #meditation #yogaretreat #ahimsa larcenciel04 kermindy Photo credits androidsinboots.

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