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Hello here's another picture of me I'm sorry that you have to look at this bye

23 1 Feb 25, 2018

Check out the skullies with their new vegan leather chokers! Let me tell you a little about how these necklaces came to be... . My studio is in Denver and I'm literally in a giant vegan mecca! My boyfriend, Ryan, and myself have made strides to eat a lot more plant-based foods and have almost cut out meat alltogether. (We still eat fish). . I've always been conscientious of my animal friends and only offer bone options that have obtained through local Dermestid farmers who sustain their beetles on findings-- not hunting or trapping. Through vulture culture, I am supporting the natural cycle of life. . Despite careful measures, though, I totally listen. Many fans of my jewelry LOVE the look of bone, but can't make the commitment. So I wanted to make something especially for all my animal-loving vegan babes! . My skullies are made with high-grade polymer clay that has been sculpted and hand-painted. These skulls have been set in a pure copper bezel which is acid-dipped and polished to create a esoteric bohemian vibe. Each skully is then fitted with a quality vegan leather cord. . There will only be a handful available, so be sure to follow beadandbones on Instagram and turn on notifications! Love your guts.

15 3 Feb 25, 2018

[GIRL /W OVERCOOKED] . • Une bonne soirée ! Nous ce soir on farme OVERCOOKED ! On est comme ça P. . • Des bisous ♡🐺 _________________________________ #girl #grungegirl #pastelhair #palegoth #palegirl #grunge #grungestyle #witch #lips #greyhair #silverhair #altgirl #alternativegirl #alternative #pastel #metalgirl #metalheadgirl #pale #paleskin #makeupjunkie #hairstyle #occult #modeling #blueeyes #geekette #makeup #makeupaddict #makeupjunkie #nyxcosmetics #wootbox #gamergirl

30 1 Feb 25, 2018

Spend $25 or over and receive everything you see above! Valid for today and tomorrow, February 25th & 26th, to celebrate the store's 2 Year Anniversary! No code needed! There is also 15% off the whole store and shipping has been permanently reduced! 🖤🖤🖤🖤

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