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Post 2 for Week 3 of polesportorg challenge: “Floorwork” — I was attempting to listen to my music in my head while so much was happening in the room around me today it was half a fail lol but short clips matter. I have a bunch of short clips that have good moments to insert into the final product it’s like a puzzle that I actually want to complete. The more I play around and put my ideas in motion the more ideas continue to flow. Oh, I don’t recommend poling in socks lol #IMPSOEXCITED #PSOCOMPPREP polesportorg xpoleus poleactive dragonflybrand_usa elizabeth_bfit

0 1 Jan 22, 2018

YAY!! Thanks! 😘💜 #youtuber #vlog #amateur #imlearning #goofy

6 2 Jan 22, 2018

Been away for a while, but back with some new visions

0 1 Jan 22, 2018

i made a fatal movement when i created this lasagna, it should be at least 4-6 layers height. how stupid i was when i boiled all the lasagna sheets together in a time! yes, off course they're all stick one another... aaarrghh.. !! . so this is it, the remained lasagna sheets, only for 2 layers height.. pelajaran banget deh.. next time rebus satu per satu aja, toh cuma sebentar juga, per sheet setidaknya cuma butuh waktu 2 menit. . alhamdulillah-nya anak2 dan suami soleh inuarya tetep memuji dan suka.. abis pula. hhmm.. iya si mungkin kegagalan itu lebih ke "final look" aja, rasa mah ga efek kali.. wkwkwk . #amateur #lasagna #beeflasagna #dapurkeluargarusa

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