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Growing some bok choy for my bearded dragons. #beardeddragon #anidifranco #ani #guido #bokchoy #muchlove thanks for the idea kelsiejosephclyke

2 0 Jun 20, 2018

My Ani DiFranco shirt that was given to me in 1997. I love this shirt and boy is it well worn in... #anidifranco #32flavors #girlpower #righteousbabe

10 0 Jun 19, 2018

Enjoying some old school anidifranco today! Takes me back! Any Ani fans out there?? #customtshirts #customtshirt #customtees #customtee #motivationmonday #anidifranco

6 2 Jun 18, 2018

#anidifranco #callous

0 0 Jun 19, 2018

Music and coffee, two of my most favourite things in life! And outside in the sun on the patio, can’t start the day better then this.. ❤️☀️ #musicheals #anidifranco #summer

9 0 Jun 19, 2018

Shuffle made my heart skip a beat today• how is this album 24 years old • anidifranco righteousbabe #righteousbaberecords #anidifranco

10 1 Jun 18, 2018

One of those “angry girl music of the indie rock persuasion” kind of days. #10thingsihateaboutyou #stressedout #music #anidifranco

6 0 Jun 19, 2018

We had wonderful time talking with gracieandrachel last month when they came through town for a show at the carolinatheatredurham with anidifranco. Check out a recap of our talk here: 🎤🎹

12 1 Jun 19, 2018

"You can't hide Behind social graces So don't try To be all touchy feely Cause you lie In my face of all places But I've got no Problem with that really What bugs me Is that you believe what you're saying What bothers me Is that you don't know how you feel What scares me Is that while you're telling me stories You actually Believe that they are real And I've got No illusions about you And guess what? I never did And when I said When I said I'll take it I meant, I meant as is Just give up And admit you're an asshole You would be In some good company I think you'd find That your friends would forgive you Or maybe I Am just speaking for me Cause when I look around I think this, this is good enough And I try to laugh At whatever life brings Cause when I look down I just miss all the good stuff When I look up I just trip over things And I've got No illusions about you... You can't hide Behind social graces Cause I don't buy it Like everyone else And you can lie In my face of all places Just don't Lie to yourself Cause I've got No illusions about you And guess what? I never did And when I say When I say I'll take it I mean, I mean as is..." #AniDiFranco

5 0 Jun 19, 2018

Written with the Accompanying music of Ani Difranco's "She Says" #anidifranco #poet #poem #say #speak #love #wet #mouth #linger #move #dance #sound #loud #poetry #prose #she #poetsofinstagram #poetsofig #morningprose

8 0 Jun 19, 2018

#anidifranco #NotAPrettyGirl #clearwaterfestival Rip Frances Cott

22 4 Jun 18, 2018

Thanks to Richard Budd for inspiring me to do this. Here are my “10 Seminal Albums in the life of...”, which I’m doing because people don’t buy albums often enough nowadays (including me). Join me if you fancy, I’d love to find your music... Number one is definitely Reprieve by Ani DiFranco, because it is the album with the most longevity in my life. Although I was introduced to Ani in 2005 and was already a fan, when this came out in 2006, it was a slow burner, but it was soon my favourite album. Since then it has inspired some amazing creativity, punctuated some lovely sleeps, narrated some beautiful loves, kept me sane through 3 transatlantic moves, and still to this day, twelve years later, this album is a huge grounding influence in my life. ♥️ “You are a rare bird The kind I wouldn't even mind Writing in the margins of my books...” #seminal #music #anidifranco #reprieve #acoustic #talent #righteousbabe

7 1 Jun 19, 2018

It doesn't get any better than this... #AniDifranco #FathersDay

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