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Beautiful night for baseball. #pkbrunermedia #fightins

4 1 Apr 24, 2018

I have a thing for rundown buildings. Here’s one I found in Lisbon. 🚏

10 2 Apr 24, 2018

I started taking and creating images for myself because I was enjoying it, and posting it on Instagram gave me the opportunity to share that passion with others, but nowadays, Instagram is getting a bit competitive, and so the motivation to post is getting weaker. I don’t want to post things frequently because I “have to”, otherwise the “algorithm” will ruin the chances of it getting noticed, so I’ll just post whenever I feel like from now on 👌🏻 and maybe I’ll get back the feeling for photography I once had and loved 🙏🏻 . Smøla, Norway 🇳🇴 ———————————————— #smøla mittnorge norge #mittnorge #norge #theimaged #aov #shotzdelight #agameoftones #moodygrams #earthpix #lensbible #discoverearth #djiglobal #earthfocus #beautifuldestinations #visualsofearth #ig_color #eclectic_shotz #thecreativeshots #watchthisinstagood #fromwhereidrone #colors_of_day #visualsoflife instagood agameoftones theimaged artofvisuals

8 1 Apr 24, 2018

It feels good to be back. 2018 so far has been a intense year. The past month I’ve been going through a lot of personal development. For a while I was losing myself and not confronting reality. I feel like I’m now starting on the right track towards finding happiness within. I’ve messed up a lot in past years and my regret isn’t always to deal with but I have to remember that this is my life and things are supposed to happen this way. I just hope I can move on and develop from my hardships. This picture is important to me because its a reminder that the world is beautiful and there are so many opportunities for adventure. On friday I was driving around town bored as hell, so colintattrie and I drove to New Hampshire and decided to summit a mountain! All it took was some gas money, ambition, and a little bit of craziness 😄

5 1 Apr 24, 2018

Small girl, Big city. 🏙✨

10 2 Apr 24, 2018

No caption😂 #yamaha #yamahamio #standar #freepractice #gerymangsubang

0 1 Apr 24, 2018

They don’t really be the same offline

11 2 Apr 24, 2018

It's a long road. But it's worth it.

59 1 Apr 24, 2018

“There’s a silent voice in the wilderness that we hear only when no one else is around”

2 1 Apr 24, 2018


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