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FOR SALE! Beachfront Condo in Playa del Carmen. Rooftop patio, amazing views! #playadelcarmen #forsale #realestate #luxury #rivieramaya #mexico #beach #retirementplan #properties #appreciation #rentalincome #investment

4 0 Mar 24, 2018

Delicious. Hemp milk, garden of life raw organic meal, organic cacao, Laird superfood creamer, organic blueberries, organic banana and h2o. #artist #writer #musical #lyricist #carpenter #yogi #hypnotherapist #creator #mindfulcarpentry #heartmind #love #care #compassion #appreciation #breathwork #breathe #gratefuleveryday #yoga #hypnosis #meditation #plantbased

10 0 Mar 24, 2018

Stress can impact you in many ways, not just mentally but physically, and can have a significant negative effect on your body, mind, relationships, happiness, work, and your overall health and well-being. While a little bit of stress can be healthy–it can safely push you to put in more effort in both your personal and professional life–and likely won’t cause any severe problems, being stressed out all the time or feeling huge bouts of stress regularly, is detrimental to your health. There are some common emotional and mental symptoms of stress, like panic attacks and headaches, but there are also a lot of uncommon symptoms. Being aware of and considering lesser-known symptoms and their possible connection to stress is important, so don’t sweat it, but be on the lookout for surprising signs and symptoms of stress… #nostress #peaceful #calmingwaters #soothingaroma #gentaltouch #listeningear #stress #soothingmassage #realtor #love #appreciation #LOV

318 0 Mar 24, 2018

オーダーメイドのホースシューネックレスカワイイ~😍 大切に使います☺️ #k18 #k18ネックレス #オーダーメイド #ブリンブリン #blingbling #ordermade #ホワイトデー #treasure #appreciation #旦那ちゃん

3 1 Mar 24, 2018

#Repost ljevansphotofun with get_repost ・・・ Enjoying the hfxseaportmrkt with miranda. #freshfood #local #farmersmarket #locallove #love #appreciation

1 0 Mar 24, 2018

Happy Saturday friends!! 🤗❤️ Saturdays are meant for belly’s full of coffee and hearts full after good conversation 💕 Spent the morning with Eli at a local coffee shop sipping on an almond milk latte and talking about life 🌎 To be honest, I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed lately with school, life, and just choosing balance in general (ironic isn’t it 😂). I’m not trying to complain in any way because I absolutely love posting my meals for you guys but I definitely put pressure on myself to make meals look good and 95% of the time I love doing it 🙌🏻 Buttttt the other 5% of the time I’m doubting what I’m doing, if it’s good enough, and just getting down 😐I’m not looking for sympathy or trying to make you guys feel sorry for me because I truly know how blessed I am to have access to healthy food and so many other things 💯At the same time, it’s so easy to look a someone’s Instagram and compare yourself to them 🤦🏼‍♀️ Definitely way guilty of this 😬 I know we all fall into the comparison trap and can be so hard on ourselves for not being as “good” or “perfect” as another. —————————————————————————-Today, I want to challenge you to look in the mirror and think of all the things you’ve accomplished this past week rather than scrolling to someone’s Instagram and looking at everything they’ve accomplished ✅ Because YOU are amazing and do so many amazing things every day even if it doesn’t feel like it ☀️ I love this community oh so much and I literally cannot believe I get to connect with you guys every day! You’ve changed my life for the better and no matter how down I get sometimes I’m always thankful I started this account ❤️ At the same time just trying to keep it real 🙆🏼‍♀️ Love you guys, I hope you are having the best Saturday!!

477 17 Mar 24, 2018

Self Portrait With Necklace Of Thorns

14 1 Mar 24, 2018

Appreciation post❤❤💙 #bestfran #appreciation alainaprice

4 0 Mar 24, 2018

Laurie Williamson presenting me with an #Appreciation Plaque on behalf of the rotaryclubofmississauga --thank you all so much for donating on my behalf to immunize 20 children through the #Rotary International's Polio Plus Campaign!! rotaryinternational Your #community work is making a difference for the better, not only locally, but globally as well. 🌍🌟 #WorkingTogether #ASaferCommunity #Mississauga #RotaryClub #PRP #PeelPolice

22 1 Mar 24, 2018

Gratitude. Yesterday we had no running water to our house from when we got up until mid-afternoon. It was an interesting experience and it made me realise how fortunate we are to have constant clean running water. It was little things. I couldn't cook my normal rice for lunch. I couldn't clean up the kitchen after cooking. I couldn't wash the dishes. I couldn't shower. We did have some water stored in the kids night-time drink bottles but eventually we also ran out of drinking water and had to get some from a friends. Consequently, I am feeling very thankful that we have constant clean running water, both hot and cold. I am feeling very thankful that someone came almost immediately to start fixing the problem when the water flow was blocked (they had to replace a pipe under the footpath) - for free. Running water is something I think pretty much all of us in modern urban cities take for granted. I don't think that it is wrong to want more, I see it as expanding in experience, but I also think that it is important to appreciate all the amazing little comforts and luxuries of living that we already have. #gratitude #thankful #appreciation #appreciating #feelgood #feelgoodlife #gratitudeattitude #lovelife #lovinglife #mindbodyspirit #appreciatethelittlethings #appreciatewhatyouhave #focus #clarity

3 1 Mar 24, 2018

SHOUT OUT to everyone and every radio station rocking to my song OG.🇿🇦 CLICK ON THE LINK ON MY BIO TO DOWNLOAD THE SONG.🇿🇦 #love #support #appreciation

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Thanks 🙏✌️ #ishrae #appreciation #award #mumbai #23feb2018

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