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A new bicep variation. I haven’t done any bicep exercises in awhile and wanted to try something different. You also do one hand at a time. I did 3 sets of 15! Make sure you have the same weight on both sides #arms #biceps #cable #workit #strong #pushit #fitspo #goldsgym #sweat #newthings #saveforlater

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Not often i wear a vest but hey the sun was out the other day so why not 😆💪☀️ #vest #nofilter #sun #enjoythesun #body #flex #progress #cutting #gym #weighttraining #chest #arms #delts #fitnessaddict #fitness

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When the mind is right nothing can stop you achieving anything in life. You must believe and know that anything is possible💯 Lifting doesn't just make you better physically, it teaches you to be patient and to work hard if you want results. It has changed my mindset completely and I feel like I can achieve anything I set out to do. Monday motivation? If you ain't where you want to be that should be enough, Go get it👊💪 . . . . . . . . . #bodybuilding #instagrambodybuilding #chest #irishfitfam #fitfam #ripped #shredded #gym #gymrat #bicep #muscle #motivation #picoftheday #lfl #likeforlike #fff #lifting #lift #physique #mensphysique #abs #arms #squat #deadlift #oldschoolbodybuilding #aesthetics

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New Gear Gym anytimefitnesshuntingdon yeah boi love it Go follow pt o.r.c_performance & nulevelhealthandfitness

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❌Failure is imminent if you don’t do this one thing. . 🔑I’m not gonna lie, I ain’t perfect. You see me post my transformation pics all the time, but in most of those time periods, I wasn’t doing the most important thing - keeping a diet log. I kept a training log, but wasn’t going all out. Gains were left on the table. I fucked up. . ❌If you want extreme results, you’re going to have to do extreme things. This means keeping a nutrition log. I’ve only started doing it properly for a year and it’s a game changer. . 🔑This means writing down everything you eat, when you eat it. How much calories it has, the amount of protein etc. This will require you to make most of your stuff at home and weigh it all out. If you don’t want to take it to this extreme you can use the portion size method and eat out, but don’t expect as good of results. . ❌The reason I still made gains was because I still ate the same stuff everyday, so my eyeballing was accurate. Furthermore, I trained hard as fuck and always got enough protein. . 🔑The log will keep you accountable and you will be able to see at the end of the week why you did/didn’t make progress. I have a YouTube video on what my log looks like, you should check it out. • 💪Try my Full Body Training if you want serious results. • 1️⃣Squats: 6-15 Reps x 4 Sets 2️⃣Deadlifts: 6-15 Reps x 4 Sets • 3️⃣Bench Press: 6-15 Reps x 4 Sets [SUPERSETTED With] 4️⃣Bent-Over Rows: 6-15 Reps x 4 Sets • 5️⃣Wide-Grip Pull-Ups (WEIGHTED): 6-15 Reps x 4 Sets [SUPERSETTED With] 6️⃣Dips [both Variations] - (WEIGHTED): 6-15 Reps x 4 Sets • 7️⃣Wide-Grip Chin-Ups: Reps To FAILURE x 1 Set 8️⃣Neutral Pull-Ups: Reps To FAILURE x 1 Set • 9️⃣Standing Overhead Press: 6-15 Reps x 4 Sets 🔟Shoulder Press: Reps To FAILURE x 1 Sets • 1️⃣1️⃣Lateral Raises: Reps To FAILURE x 1 Set • 1️⃣2️⃣EZ Bar Bicep Curl: 6-15 Reps x 4 Sets [SUPERSETTED With] 1️⃣3️⃣Close-Grip Bench Press: 6-15 Reps x 4 Sets • 1️⃣4️⃣Rope Cable Curl: 6-15 Reps x 4 Sets [SUPERSETTED With] 1️⃣5️⃣Tricep Rope Pressdowns: 6-15 Reps x 4 Sets • 1️⃣6️⃣Incline Bench Press: Reps To FAILURE x 1 Set 1️⃣7️⃣Calf Press: Reps To FAILURE x 1 Set • ✔️DM me your progress AND/or any questions❌

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