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Are you the proud owner of a horse athlete? Help support performance and endurance in your horse by adding MYO POWER to the supplement regimen.

45 1 Jun 12, 2018

Today is National Best Friends Day! Do you consider your horse to be your best friend? Show us a selfie of you and your horse in the comments and fill out the giveaway form for a chance to win a box of Zylkene:

123 4 Jun 8, 2018

Hi my name is Tiffani Sonnier. I’m thrilled to announce my participation in the barnchats champion ambassador program. This mare runs on MYO POWER and Zylkene for relaxed and peak performance. #barnchats #championsambassadorprogram #MYOPOWER #zylkene #vetoquinol

3 0 May 12, 2018


32 2 May 19, 2018

Happy Memorial Day! Are you traveling with your horse for Memorial Day? Administer Zylkene today to make the trip less stressful on Monday.

132 3 May 27, 2018

#BarnChatsTips: Do you know the signs of colic in horses? Signs include failure to eat, elevated heart rate and decreased gut sounds. Here are tips from Barn Chats on how to determine if your horse is colicking, and advice on treatment:

78 3 May 16, 2018

Today we'd like to officially introduce Dapper Dan, the foal whom you all helped name last month! We'll show you how much he's grown in a Facebook Live event. Join at 1 p.m. CT / 2 p.m. ET to learn helpful tips from our own expert, Dr. Jennifer Kasten on a number of topics related to the care of foals. We also will be answering questions during the event, so share any you have during the event. Join us on the barnchats by Vetoquinol Equine Facebook page. See you then!

25 1 May 1, 2018

Happy Mothers Day!! Barn Chats by Vetoquinol has a simple mission: they love horses as much as we do!! More than that, if we can help our kids and horses be healthy and happier that is the goal. Barn Chats provides tips about horse care, health and behavior. It’s a great resource for all horse owners. #BarnChats #ChampionsAmbassadorProgram #InstagramTakeover #champion #Vetoquinol #Equistro #horsehealth #horseathletes

9 0 May 13, 2018

Happy Pet Appreciation Week! Help us celebrate by telling us in the comments how you'll be showing your horse some extra love this week.

113 1 Jun 6, 2018

Dapper Dan #barnchats #tomlynlovespets #equistro

28 1 May 2, 2018

#BarnChatsTips: Is your horse recuperating from an injury? Mixed hays with majority grass type are ideal forage for horses on stall rest and to help ease any boredom. Be sure to consult your veterinarian about your horses’ nutritional needs while recovering.

96 3 May 25, 2018

It's time for your horse's dental check up! Adminster Zylkene a few days before the veterinary appointment to keep your horse calm and relaxed for the exam.

86 17 May 25, 2018

Are hot temperatures in your forecast? When it's above 85 degrees Fahrenheit, horses will naturally drink more water – especially if they’re sweating. Remember to provide your horse with nearly DOUBLE their usual water intake so they don’t overheat!

140 1 May 29, 2018

May is Responsible Animal Guardian Month. What traits make someone a responsible animal guardian? Share your thoughts in the comments!

62 3 May 3, 2018

Today is the first day of the horseexpo in Sacramento! We're at booth #3707 with tomlynpets. Visit us to learn more about our products!

62 1 Jun 8, 2018

🎉 Giveaway 🎉 Do you have an extra special horse in your life? In honor of National Pet Month, we want to see your photos! Post a photo of your equine friend using #BarnChats, then fill out the form for a chance to win a box of Zylkene! Link in bio!

51 3 May 18, 2018

Does your horse have an upcoming vet visit? Give your horse Zylkene a couple of days before the visit to help them cope with the stress.

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