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Submission the art of release. Dominance the art of restraint. - A new chapter is up on my web novel “The Submissive Handbook.” Amaranta meets Gareth on a website for erotic novels. When she private messages him one night inviting him to role play she learns he may be someone she needed in her waking life. A years later he sends her an email regarding work. After not speaking with him for over a year she quickly realizes the mystery emails from a man actually belonged to the man she was role playing with. In her efforts to not lose him again she agrees to meet him. What unfolds is beyond her most intricate dreams about him. - Follow this link in my bio ( at the top of my page here ) - #bdsm #bdsmrelationship #bdsmnovel #bdsmromancenovel #bdsmromance #bdsmisnotabuse #submissive #master #bdsmlifestyle #darkromance #wattpadstories #wattpadnovelas #wattpadromance #smutt #smut #smutty

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I tried a pastel goth look today 💜 What do you think of it ? 🌸 It's also one of the first time that I don't crop my face haha, but I really wanted to have the pigtails on the picture 💞

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You will learn.. Site is a privilege... If you’re deemed worthy....I will train you to my standards.

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Remember to follow these steps when coming out as kinky: 1. Figure out who you are going to tell. 2. Figure out when and where you will do it. 3. Figure out how much you're going to share about your kinks. Once you have finished remembering follow my backup account structureandmemes

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Why does daddy’s get to say it? Hmph😤 🎀 • • • • • #daddy #daddykink #daddydomlittlegirl #daddydominant #littlegirl #bdsm #bdsmrelationship #bdsmcommunity #ddlg #ddlgprincess

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