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The beach looked like paradise today 🌅

5 1 Jul 19, 2018

blue tint

11 1 Jul 19, 2018

Never had much growing up. But watching my single mother scrape by to raise me and brother is something that fuels me today. As a young girl it angered me to have to have to deal with lack, poverty, and missed opportunities because we could never afford it. But as a woman, I have begun to fall in love with my story because it is those experiences that shaped me into the woman I am today. It’s easy to feel trapped by our circumstances. Trust me, I’ve been there. There have been moments I’ve been so broke I have felt paralyzed to even make decisions. Moments when I have not felt safe or secure in how I would get by to the next paycheck. Moments that if I had an accident or an emergency I would have absolutely nothing to fall back into. But I truly believe we have the power to change the circumstances we were born into. It may take time, there may be delays, followed by heavy moments and giant bumps in the road but it’s still POSSIBLE ✨Miracles are always possible. Poverty has been my greatest teacher yet. At the end of the day, it shows you that you already have everything you need inside of you to go in any direction you choose. Everything else is an excuse. Trust that the universe, God, the Holy Spirit, source, the creator, whatever you want to call it, has your back 👊🏻

108 4 Jul 19, 2018

Our 5 year old is posing like a teen lol 💙

24 2 Jul 19, 2018

I love it when I come across these gems on an old SD card.. My time back home.. australia . . . . #australia #australianbeaches #crowdyhead #beachlife #home #beautiful #beachlife #aussie_images #landscapephotography #beachphotography #potd #instadaily #instagood #aussiephotos

12 1 Jul 19, 2018

Rosé kind of day 💕 #BALISHELL around the world! #Scarlet bikini spotted under the Australian sun! Tag your photos from #aroundtheworld to be featured! 🌎

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