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100 1 May 23, 2018

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This is a new beer slowly creeping into The Indian markets. It’s a brand called The White Owl. This is the white owl spark that has a very light flavour profile with prominent citrus notes. The other widely available one is the Diablo which works if you like darker, smokier flavours. Also, the bar that we tried this at was Craftbar in Bombay. The staff was super polite and engaging. The music could be improved in my opinion but that varies from person to person. No comments on the food as I didn’t actually try any :P

30 3 May 13, 2018

🍻 B E E R lovers! Get ready for 4 days of brew-centric events next week in honor of the #SAVOR craft beer festival! From a Hawaiian pig roast 🌺🐖 + beertail 🍹party with mauibrewingco, a whiskey-and-beer paired 🥃🍺 “Brevengers Assemble! Drinkfinity War!” tap takeover and a rare beer + cigar pairing night 🚬, we’ve got something for every beer, cocktail, whiskey & cigar lover! {full event line-up at link in profile 👆}

112 3 May 22, 2018

Queer and quirky : inspired from a piece of wood used to test laser cuts .. abstracted from a bunch of bent pipes .. mock up on site .. a long light. Being made for a bar by the Big Piano ..Let’s see what comes out of it #lamps #beerbars #architecture #interior design #product design #steel #mumbai #india #restaurant

147 0 May 15, 2018

Wow, Guangzhou, rock on with your bad self. We had an absolute (and somewhat unexpected) blast checking out the beer scene this week, particularly during our stops at Rozz-Tox. Findings coming soon to!

67 6 May 24, 2018

Helloooo, mauibrewingco! 20 kegs, all ready for our rooftop tap takeover 🍻 + Hawaiian pig roast 🐖 on May 31! Just 1 of 4 events for #SAVOR week, stay tuned to social media for our full line-up! #savorcraftbeer

98 1 May 17, 2018

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