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Last day of fall break for Kimora & Mommy & Sa day mondays.As much as I work I make sure to always spend my time & give all my attention to them on my days off.We had a long fun filled day in San Diego @ the Zoo.We are blessed & thankful for these kind of adventures..San Diego is beautiful for sure definitely planning a fam trip there.We ended our day trip back home @ the Halloween store & a mango icee & uncle drew movie☺ #SopoagaKaiaweshenans #iDOitforthem #noZoopics #justmemories #wheresLANA? #beingateen #nocanmakeuphermind #Herhairnotstraight #homework #teenagers🙄 #flywithAmericanAir❤💙

41 1 Oct 16, 2018

Your inner critic... you know that constant dialogue inside your head?! The argument you seem to be permanently having with this thing. The thing inside your head that tells you that you can’t do it and that you’re not good enough ? A great way to overcome your inner critic is to take it from inside you and create an identity for it. What does this thing look like? What’s its name? What is it’s personality, be curious as to what it wants for you. What is it doing that could be positive for you? Place it beside you not in you, shrink it and add a voice. Then you begin to realise that this ISN’T you. You can deal with it as a separate entity. When it tells you that you can’t do something, you replace ‘you ‘with ‘I’. So here ‘Fireman’ tells her, ‘don’t go on that ride, something might happen to you’, she replies ‘I can go on this, it’s just a ride and I can’t wait to feel amazing at the end, thank you for looking out for me though’. Soon enough, with practice you’ll begin to feel much bigger than this and you’ll be aware of when it appears. Role playing this is really fun too! #kidscoaching #teencoaching #beingateen #beingachild #selfcriticism #mentalhealth #therapy #nlp #lifecoach #lifecoaching #innercritic #growthmindset #positivemindset #dadsofinstagram #mumsofinstagram #stalbans #harpenden #london #anxiety #selfbelief

32 3 Sep 15, 2018

Being a teen —————————————————————————— #schylarjoellephotography #nwiphotographer #nwi #canon #canonphotography #13yearsold #birthdayphotoshoot #beingateen #books #bookstore #bookworm

13 0 Sep 28, 2018

I’ve shared iamnataliaharris story before. But it’s worth another share as it’s a reminder to girls of all ages to dream, believe, work hard and have faith. Natalia recently rocked it at nyfw - she was also recently featured in Vogue and her craft has brought her to work with celebrities - most recently, iamcardib. Meet NATALIA HARRIS! Honored to know this beautiful gem. “Natalia Harris is a 22 year old, college student, professional model, cancer survivor and body positive image activist. She was born and raised in New York City. Her family is from the Dominican Republic and Barbados. At the age of 12, she began modeling but then had to take an abrupt break to attend to her health. On April of 2008, she was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer. Life as she knew it, changed in matters of seconds. Today she calls herself the bionic woman, after undergoing a couple of leg reconstruction surgeries to insert a titanium prosthesis, surviving about 20 cycles of aggressive chemotherapy and having consecutive physical therapy. Natalia’s question to her doctor at the time of the diagnosis was: Will I be able to walk the runway again? And she has exceeded her expectations. The journey has not been an easy one. The day after the first leg reconstruction, she stood up and began to take her first steps. A couple of months after, the prosthesis broke due to her brittle bones from chemotherapy. She had to undergo another eight-hour surgery to reconstruct her leg again. Natalia has an incredible tolerance for pain and adversity. She got up even stronger and brought her mom’s red stilettos to physical therapy when she went back in her wheelchair. She challenged her physical therapist not only to get her to walk again, but to eventually get her in those heels. She started her rehabilitation process with the end in mind: The Runway. Post survival, she began her life again, however was set back again November 2015 when she had to undergo another major reconstructive operation on her prosthetic and knee.” Natalia once again overcame! Today Natalia is living out her dreams as a professional model in NY, sprinkling hope and courage to girls of all ages.

59 10 Sep 19, 2018

SUNDAY SONG PICK! 🎶 Nowadays, I usually do not have time to sit down to watch TV or Netflix, but today I decided to take some me time and watch this movie 🎥 This movie took me back to high school and reminded me of how easy it is to think so negatively about ourselves! In high school, I was my own worst enemy with low self esteem and happiness. This movie made me reflect and thank God for the progress I have made as a young woman. If you have time, definitely give this movie a watch and see how Sierra Burgess deals with self acceptance and love. Get transported back to a time in your life where you were once Sierra Burgess! #beingateen This song brought me tears not going to lie 😢 If you watched this film before, comment down below what you thought! Who knew a cliche rom-com with a couple cringey scenes could inspire so many thoughts? 😊 • • • • • • • • • #chooseyou #pcoslifestyle #PCOSsupport #KickingPCOSButt #PCOSwin #collegecoach #sayingyestolife #fitcollegelife #healthyincollege #inspireeveryday #workingonmyhealth #choosebetter #healthyversionofme #fitstudents #LeaderInTheMaking #InspireByExample #OwnBoss #WorkHardAnywhere #WomenInspiringWomen #YouGotThisGirl #ChangeYourMind #ControlYourLife #KillinItDaily #BelieveInEach other #StrongerThanThis #ChangeStartsWithin #ChangeStartsWithYou #healthandfitnessinfluencer #comfortzonenomore

20 4 Sep 10, 2018

hey john.gstanley if you really have a crush on 4 realz.......a 4 realz me this dog.....and that goes for anyone with a 4 realz crush on me.... #4realzcrush #needtoknow #wanttoknow #hottoknow #crushes #dogs #puberty #middleschool #howtoputintampon #divacup #beingateen #chickennoodlesoup #johnstanley #myfans #lightattheendofthetunnel

75 3 Oct 5, 2018

Not the prettiest insta type of picture, but the work a pupil and I have just done today at her school. What if we were to celebrate mistakes.. in fact we don’t use that word.. oops instead! Brilliant, we made an oops, I’ve learnt more now! This little song gets stuck in your head, I say it with my kids and all of my clients (inc the adults).. it makes us smiles and takes the negativity out of ‘failure’ . Try it! #kidscoaching #teencoaching #teachersofinstagram #stalbans #harpenden #london #nlp #nlppractitioner #nosuchthingasfailure #growthmindset #mistakes #parenting #parentsofteens #parentsofinstagram #teen #beingateen #dadsofinstagram #mumsofinstagram

36 1 Sep 27, 2018

Testing out the blanket forte set up #beingachildagain #tepe #beingateen

3 0 Sep 15, 2018

Can you remember back to when you first got your period? Were you prepared and aware of what was coming? Did you learn about it from your mum, your friends, your older sister? What I am trying to get across here is that the education around menstrual cycles is so limited. Being such a taboo topic is mine blowing because it is a thing that happens everyday to all woman. There isn't much taught about the responsible disposing of used items. Which then leads to uneducated women flushing sanitary items down the toilet & polluting our water ways. I recently sent a pack of Hush bags to a friend who is a single father to a soon-to-be young women. I was so happy to get a phone call a week later from that girl, thanking me & that Hush has saved her life. If you know any soon-to-be menstrualating young girls, help them out through this intimidating but empowering stage of their lives by providing them with a confident and private solution = Hush bags.

27 2 Oct 10, 2018

It has been a glittery afternoon here at Transforming Young Minds HQ! Today has been all about managing big emotions, anxiety and using visual tools to help move feelings that are moving you backwards. Glitter jars, Lego and lots of breathing work. Lots of laughs too! It’s always so useful to play while working through goals, and for visual communicators, art and crafts are always a fab way to explore emotions and include into the techniques we work on. #kidscoaching #teencoaching #beingateen #managingemotions #anxiety #stress #angermanagement #nlp #nlppractitioner #therapy #mumlife #mumsofinstagram #dadsofinstagram

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