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4 2 Apr 26, 2018

Always dress like you’re going to see your worst enemy.😏😂 #blacklove #randomone #shoe #perfect #picoftheday 😍😘😘

15 0 Apr 26, 2018

not only girls ofc/// (but girls are the majority that is very vulnerable to this kind of shit.)So get a grip already you could really ruin somebody. Worst part is some people aren't even aware of their pathetic meant to be funny cool comments. Its off putting and annoying ignorance is like an everyday thing nowadays.😧

12 2 Apr 26, 2018

The thing about smart people is they sound crazy to dumb people ~steve jobs To my left is the duty of all of us to be implemented to my right hope u got me .😅 #respectwomen #rainyday #stevejobs #blacklove

3 0 Apr 26, 2018

#Inspirational #change thenakedtruthuk #blacklove #realtalk #laughter #goodvibes @ THE ROYALLOUNGE GET UR TICKETS NOW

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