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Poniedziałek rozpoczęłam mocnym treningiem barków 💪🏻❤️ powolutku dążę do swojego celu, a termin jego realizacji zapowiada się na 5 maj 😻 po prostu nie bój się 👉🏻realizować marzenia 👉🏻mówić co myślisz 👉🏻podejmowania trudnych decyzji 👉🏻 zmian 👉🏻 nie bój się żyć ‼️ mam nadzieje, ze w niwy tydzień wchodzicie z pełna motywacja ❤️‼️

19 1 Jan 22, 2018

會很多徒手運動絕對是需要的~ 出國就算沒有健身房 還是有很多流汗的方法 今天ㄧ整天都要用laksa,海南雞飯填飽肚子 所以做ㄧ些徒手運動開啟在新加坡的一天~ #重訓 #翹臀 #運動 #肌肉 #堅持 #booty🍑 #bodybuilding #training #motivation #discipline #girlpower #muscle #taipei #bootybuilder #bodyweight

81 2 Jan 22, 2018

Monday booty day 🍑🙌🏻

40 1 Jan 22, 2018

#startedfromthebottom #nowimstillhere 🙈 At some point for all of us, life presents two paths. One will be easy. One will be right. #choosechallange. L E T. LIFE. G R O W. YOU. You don’t have to have it all figured out (note to self!), you just have to keep moving. One foot (or hand) in front of the other. & when you find yourself in doubt, dig so deep you can feel Mama earth hold you. #getoutside #getbacktothepresentmoment #CHOOSECHALLENGE

48 2 Jan 22, 2018

Startet uka med en skikkelig bra beinøkt med mye trøkk! Avsluttet med dette supersettet 10 x 3. Skal love det brenner godt! #teamjeglikerkull5 #trening #styrketrening #treningsglede #legday #bootybuilder

44 5 Jan 22, 2018

Sjokke kroppen? 🤔 . . Du trenger ikke å bytte ut øvelser for å "sjokke" kroppen. Å kun endre hastigheten du utfører øvelsen kan skape en reaksjon aka "å å sjokke musklene". Du trenger ikke å endre helt på oppsettet for å få til en reaksjon i kroppen. Faktisk hvis du endrer for mye på øvelsene dine og for ofte, så kan det gå ut over progresjonen din (økt styrke og vekst). . ☝ prøv å utføre øvelsen saktere under arbeidsfasen (den tyngste delen av øvelsen). Muskulaturen vil da bli utsatt for større spenning pga lengre tidsrom. Denne metoden er spesielt gunstig for isolasjonsøvelser ( lår-curl, bicepscurl og mageøvelser) . . . . . . . #ptroxytipser #shapeupnorge #xlife_no #gym #gymnastics #actic #Norway #norgestrening #workout #tb #fitness #fit #bootybuilder #treningsglede #aktivejenter #aktivinorge #wearefit #Nike #barasportswear #fitnesschick #gymsharkwomen #Oslo

18 1 Jan 22, 2018


41 4 Jan 22, 2018

Waking up, not looking at your flaws but all the things that you’ve achieved is a day I’d like to have everyday. Today is going to be a good Monday 🧡

47 3 Jan 22, 2018

Start of the week means setting new intentions, short time goals, squeezing some fun time and YOU time and being open to what’s ahead! I’ve been posting workouts daily for you all in my insta story as well as trying to show you how I eat (queen of the 5 minute healthy meal)because I really want to show you what I do everyday and that it’s my true lifestyle and passion. I’m trying to open up and show my personality more because I’m more then just bikini photos and “fitspo” even though don’t get me wrong that’s a part of me too :) but it’s definitely way out of my comfort zone so try and be nice to me and open with me as I let those walls down and try to be more then just a workout inspiration to you all because I have a lot I want to share with the world! ❤️ mahalo! Ps this is a photo from a photo shoot where I was being a total surfer girl except I’m still barely learning to surf! 😂 but hey this is every girls dream right! Like they say fake it till you make it! Haha Photo by fotopopkauai for thefreshshave

21 1 Jan 22, 2018

Sculpt a better booty with our Peach Bands🙌🏼 You can workout anywhere with them- at home, at the gym and even on holiday! . #launchingsoon #peachbands #booty🍑

17 1 Jan 22, 2018

HOT🔥HOT🔥HOT 2018.gada karstākais komplektiņš! • 💎Svilstdupsītis - anticelulīta gels ar sildošu iedarbību, skaistiem un tvirtiem 🍑🍑 uz minimālo drēbju sezonu. 🤩 💎BodyShape - vitamīnu komplekss tvirtai ādai + hroms apetītes kontrolei darbojas no iekšienes. 💎Un skaista smaida ierocis - Sklaer zobu pastas Protect un White ar antibakteriāli sudraba jonu kompleksu, maigi balinošiem augu enzīmiem. JAUTĀ MAN DM! 💓 • • 💎Hotbuns - Anticellulite gel with a warming effect. 💎BodyShape - vitamin complex for tight body and chrome for appetite control. 💎Sklaer white and protect toothpastes with silver ion antibacterial complex and gentle fruit enzyme whitening. Shipping to any place! 🤩🤩 Ask in DM! . . . . . #riga #latvia #booty #summerthings #betterme2018 #goals2018 #bootybuilder #bodyshape #nl_int #anticellulite #whitesmile #whiteteeth #productoftheyear #girlthings #giftforther

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