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Guttation on one of my Monsteras. Guttation happens when the pull of nutrients and xylem at night remains at a high level due to high moisture levels in the soil, while the plants stomata are closed. Water accumulates in the plant and excess water leaves the leaves through droplets on the hydathodes. It's a sign of a well functioning plant, but also a reminder that you don't need to water it for the next few days 😉 I moved my monstera to a darker spot, so it needs less water, but before doing so, I gave it its old amount of water, which is a bit too much for the amount of transpiration it has on its new spot.

0 1 Oct 19, 2017

Exciting to see some of the first male flowers popping up on one of our jackfruits (artocarpus heterophyllus) in our subtropical greenhouse. #jackfruit #artocarpusheterophyllus

0 1 Oct 19, 2017

Yayy! Finally our new Jurnal is ready for you to purchase 💕 . Head to to read more how Jurnal can help you to be more organised! . . #kontras #kontrasjurnal #floraline #illustrateddiary #botanical

3 1 Oct 19, 2017

Quand tu ne sais plus lesquelles ont eu leur apport en eau 💦 ! #plantsmakemehappy #succulents #sunnyday #igers #igersfrance #igersasnieres #succulent #succulove #succulentgarden #plants #nature #botanical #green

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