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Ferrari made the transition from the front-engine V-12 Daytona to the mid-engine flat-12 Berlinetta Boxer in 1973 with the Pininfarina-designed 365 GT4 Berlinetta Boxer or BB. The mid-engine boxer evolved into the 512 BB from 1976-81 with just fewer than 930 examples built in Maranello, Italy. Enter one Willy Koenig, a racer and fabricator who transformed a select handful of these already race-bred machines and into something that was much more. Koenig added signature custom bodywork, wheels, and perhaps most importantly to his customers’ improved performance to the already-potent 335-horsepower 12-cylinder 5-speed Ferrari Boxer formula. If there was a drawback, it was that neither the Ferrari 512 BB nor Koenig Special variants were offered for sale in the United States through conventional dealer channels due to regulatory hurdles. This 1979 Ferrari 512 BB Koenig Special is one of the few 100-percent legally imported exceptions and one of the last carbureted 512 BB models produced as Ferrari made the transition to fuel injection for the flat 12-cylinder powerplant with dry sump oil system. This uncommon Koenig Special conversion features the front bumper treatment, body cladding, wider fender flares and rear spoiler with raised wing which resulted in the look which made Koenig famous. #koenig #ferrari #boxer #ferrariboxer #512 #512bb #flat12 #theexoticcarlife #supercar #exoticcar

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Капитан Немеция и его команда😂 #немецкийбоксер #папаня #сын #полосаточка #boxerlife #boxer #boxerlove

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‪Wishing the talented #Actor #Boxer ritika_offl a happy birthday ! Let ur success run continue 🎉💐👏🏼 GB :) ‬

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Feliz cumple Ottito. Gracias por devolverme la alegría, después de la partida de la pelu. Siempre acompañandome. No me dejas nunca solo. Te amo bebito ❤😍🎂 #HappyBirthday #LoveBoxer #Love #Puppy #Dog #Otto #Boxer #NoFilter

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