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👪Parenting Tip👪 💝BE A PEACE MAKER💝 Yesterday we drove eight hours in the car. That’s not a very long trip, but to a six month old who has to buckled into a car seat while facing the backseat doesn’t sound like too much fun. We had one hour left in the trip, and Isaac was finished. He was tired of being cooped up in the car. He had to get out! We pulled off of the interstate with just one hour left in the trip, found a park, and played with him. He was so relieved to be out of the car swinging with his papa. After all the crying, Papa came in and was a peace maker for Isaac. Just to be out of the car being in his papa’s arms brought Isaac so much peace that when we put him back into the car seat he fell asleep almost instantly. Be your child’s source of peace. Be your child’s peace maker. #entreparentneur #entreparentneurtv #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #business #businesstips #marriage #marriagetips #family #familytips #parenting #parentingtips #peace #peacemaker #beapeacemaker

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It’s important that your direct reports are growing in their area of responsibility and you should definitely hold them to excellence there. But remember they are more complex beings than just their job. You certainly shouldn’t be nosy, but keep your ears open for ways you can help them grow more broadly. Is there a hobby that keeps coming up in conversation? Do they have dreams of starting their own business? Are they really excited about an upcoming trip? Encourage them with those things. Help them succeed. I promise, you’ll find buckets of joy in helping others live their dreams.

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👌 Risultati 👌 Vuoi fatturare? Seguimi💣

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As a business do you measure feedback from your customers? Managing customer complaints is one key factor in making your business a success. Be open to discussing problems with your customers. It also helps to learn to listen, apologize when things go wrong and optimise your processes towards great customer service. ____ #StartupTip

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When it comes to reaching your next level of success, do you know what’s standing in your way? . Sometimes it’s as obvious as a brick wall. Most of the time, it’s a LOT less visible. . In The Leadership Lab, we’ll guide you through the invisible roadblocks that we see, time and time again, hold back intelligent, ambitious women just like YOU. This includes: . - The “I’m not ready yet” myth. . - The “failure to pick a horse and ride it” syndrome. . - A lack of executive presence and perceived credibility. . - Unwillingness to promote yourself and therefore attract the right opportunities. . - A persistent lack of clarity or vision. . - Ineffective networking. . - Nagging insecurities/lack of confidence in your abilities. . - Competing life priorities. . - Discomfort around having difficult conversations or delivering bad news. . Right now we are offering an exclusive BONUS OFFER: register now and receive a FREE strategic group planning session where you’ll work with me to review your goals, go over your next steps, and lay out a plan to get you there. . We only have 30 spots available and many of them have already been claimed. To claim YOUR spot and learn more about The Leadership Lab AND how it can help you reach YOUR next level of success, go to the link in my bio! . 👑 Tag a confident, powerhouse woman! 👑

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Seven seconds. That’s the amount of time your prospect will give you to personally and emotionally connect...It’s not a lot of time! ⏱ During The Expert Formula Masterclass you will have the opportunity to focus on YOUR seven seconds so you can reach out and talk to the people you want to work with! 💫 Grab your FREE ticket for 30th June >>> LINK IN BIO fiona_harrold <<<

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Email marketing is the life blood of any online business. When someone signs up to your list or buys something form you how you welcome them will set the tone for your ongoing relationship. So what are you saying to your customers when they join your list? . . . . . #digitalmarketing #marketingtips #marketingstrategy #socialmediatips #emailmarketing #marketingonline #marketing101 #inboundmarketing #socialmediastrategy #onlinemarketing #instagrammarketing #smm #contentmarketing #businesstips #leads #webmarketing #salesfunnel #onlinebusiness #makingmoney #internetmarketing #smtips #listbuilding #socialmediamarketing #socialmarketing #startups

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Join our newsletter to get exclusive networking opportunities, professional development workshops, and business tips from top industry professionals. Link in bio. 🌟 . rianka_d 🙌🏽 . #Nonprofit #NextWave #educationnonprofit #education #highereducation #changemakers #donate #change #businessconference #students #undergraduates #firstgeneration #boston #newyork #businesstips #networkingbusiness #nwb

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Ora ci stiamo arrabbiando!!🤣🤣🤣

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Start your week with a pie-in-the-sky brainstorm: what would you do if your marketing budget tripled in size tomorrow, and none of the higher-ups resisted any of your ideas? See what lofty dreams you can come up with, and what constraints you come up against once you analyze them for practicality. Is there anything you can take from your high-budget brainstorm? Sharing the list of ideas with your senior leadership may even increase their appetite for innovation.💡

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First day back in the gym...starting off in the sauna to loosen up all my tight muscles 💪🏼 #healthylifestyle

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