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Information related to #campfire by the lake. Makes me smile everytime. I didn't even have to light it, Junior was practicing his bushcraft and made us tea even! Pretty nice way to spend a Sunday evening. . . . . #outdoorphotography #beautifulbc #outdoors #countrylife #northernbc #landscapephotography #outdoorliving #camping #travelnorthernbc #campfire

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Toasty dessert!! Also my new favorite dessert is ice cream! Here’s a review of the ones I got before you go and spend $5 on a pint! (I think each pay day I’m gonna buy a bunch of new foods cuz I’m really happy I tried Halo!) . . . HALO ( all of these had sort of a fluffy light texture rather than dense and creamy but that’s good cuz they’re not too rich so you can eat the whole pint!) Birthday cake: 8/10 taste like vanilla protein powder cake but not in a bad way Toasted coconut: 9/10 I love the coconut flakes in it and it’s strong coconut flavor Candy bar: 4/10 taste sorta like chalk? I was hoping for some chuncks like a candy bar but there really weren’t any and it has a funky aftertaste. It is swirled with caramel though which is cool. CC Cookie dough: 5/10 l didn’t see any cookie dough bits? Lots of mini chocolate chips though which was good and taste like chocolate protein powder Chocolate almond crunch: 9/10 I couldn’t taste the chocolate (which is good cuz I hate chocolate ice cream) but I feel the name is a little misleading then? I only tasted the almond and it has lots of almond bits in it which I love! . . SO DELICIOUS: Vanilla bean (Coconut Milk): 9/10 taste like it should be named coconut not vanilla but It’s really creamy and smooth and tastes the most like regular ice cream out of all of these Creamy vanilla (Soymilk): 7/10 idk this one was just weird but also I don’t really like soymilk in general

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🐾🐼🏜🛤 Get outside! If YOU need WATCHES ⌚, get them Complimentary from us! We have very limited stock! Click the link in the bio! GET YOURS NOW BE4 THEY RUN OUT! 🏵🌲🏝🏖 #bigbend #nationalpark #backpacker #camp #campeveryday #campfire #climb #climblikeagirl #evergreen #forestgirl #hammockersindonesia #hikecalifornia #hikingbuddy #hikingbc #huntingseason #kayakfishing #mountainstories #mountainguide #mountaintrip #naturephotography #mothernature #outdoorlover #paddles #treeporn #tripofalifetime #waterfallsofinstagram #wildlife_perfection

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Fire! One of the great joys of camping. It cooks your food, keeps you warm, and almost feels like another member at your campground. Always changing, always interesting. #camping #pnwcamping #campfire #bedal

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This seriously fuels my soul. 📖🔥 The tent setup nearly bested us, but we laughed it off and wore ourselves out well. #boymama #camping #campfire #adventure #quiettime

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