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Illegally logged rainforest gully in the Serpentine creek rainforest site. Charges were laid against VicForests after a government investigation triggered by our reporting and media scrutiny. A procedural hearing was held last week in Orbost, the trial is expected to be held in a couple of months. Stay tuned. #rainforest #biodiversity #logging #Vicforests #ferns #lilypily #eastgippsland #Orbost #CannRiver #kuarkforest

86 6 May 21, 2018

How to know you're in the country.... a 50kg pumpkin on display infront of a wall of local cows #countrylife #victoria #cannriver

7 0 May 10, 2018

Gee we get some beautiful work sites 👌🏼👌🏼💪🏼✌🏼️😊

24 1 Apr 20, 2018

Got soaked and threw a tantrum but it was really pretty. #cannriver #tamboon #middleofnowhere #beachholiday #holidayhouse #boating #4wd #familyholiday #plustayla taylavanderneut

17 2 May 4, 2018

South-east Australia Aboriginal Fire Forum speaker: Aileen Blackburn/Mongta . Aileen is a #Monero #Yuin woman from #CannRiver. Aileen is currently working as the Cultural Advisor on the Eden Local Aboriginal Land Council’s Aboriginal Women’s at Yam (AWAY) Project involving the traditional burning and harvesting of yams and oral history along the ancient #BundianWay. . #SEFireForum2018 . 📸 abcnews_au

39 3 Apr 24, 2018

Sweet weekend down at #tambooninlet on the #cannriver The bite was tough but lure_legacy managed to convert a few nice ones. On ya Blocks 🤙🏻🎣 #blackbream #gippsland #camping #fishing #gopro #catchandrelease

29 3 Apr 24, 2018

Ah well ... such a good day to stay cosy at home ... maybe I'll check out some accommodation options for my next epic challenge... the 'Victorian leg' 10-20 March 2019 😎 #victoria #solo #solotravel #solorun #dandenong #bunyip #moe #rosedalevictoria #stratfordvictoria #bairnsdale #lakesentrance #orbost #bellbirdcreek #cannriver

27 4 Apr 14, 2018

#PositiveMonday 🌞 Getting the hang of #vanlife now, ha ha not really, but it's definitely a character building experience 😁 we thought everything would be perfect right at the start but I was reminded once again that the perfect life you see on Instagram etc is a one shot reel and doesn't really capture reality. We slept in a car park the first night, had problems with the van, struggled to find drinking water, it takes us twice the length of time to drive somewhere because our van weighs so much, and we haven't showered in 3 days although we've just found a shower today and it's literally ice cold so putting it off 😬 the point is, reality didn't match my expectations and comparisons which always leads to disappointment. It's such a dramatic shift from living comfortably in a city to living in a van in remote places. But the positive is that these experiences make you learn, you get to see awesome things, you have freedom and you appreciate the luxury of being able to have water, food and a hot shower whenever you want back home. Right now I'm making tea out of the back of the van to lie in bed and watch a nature documentary 😂, we're going to go on a bush walk, then take an ice cold shower 😬, do some work and rest! Have you ever lived in a van before? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here's 3 positive things going on in the world: 🏡 New Zealand have announced that they are going to provide warm housing every homeless person in New Zealand before winter hits in a few weeks. 🌱 As a means of tackling world hunger, innovative agricultural company Aggressively Organic has developed “Plant Pods”: a micro-gardening system that can grow more lettuce in a 10-foot room than on a half-acre of farmland. 💦 James Longcroft created a single use bottle that fully decomposes in 3 weeks and all proceeds go to charity.

218 8 May 8, 2018

#cannriver #marlo #snowyriver #seaspray Started the day at Mallacoota made our way south through Pambula Cann River & the mouth of the Snowy Rv at Marlo, Huge weather front gale force winds stopped us at the aptly named Seaspray, wild coastline.

7 0 Apr 15, 2018

STATEMENT REGARDING CANN VALLEY I am aware of some recent media comments reporting that members have been “locked out” of Cann Valley Fire Station. Door codes were recently changed when two Brigade members were suspended pending an investigation. This is standard practice across CFA. I want to reiterate that that the new door code was provided to eligible members immediately to continue CFA’s mission of protecting lives and property. Service delivery to the Cann Valley community remains the same and has not been compromised, and it is business as usual for the Brigade and our volunteer members. Additionally, Forest Fire Management Victoria has also reconfirmed their ongoing support to CFA and willingness to respond with equipment and Firefighters, some of which are trained in Low Structure Firefighting, as are our CFA members. CFA is a forward-looking organisation and always welcomes new volunteers to participate. Our staff are at the Cann Valley Station between 11:00am and 1:00pm today, and are keen to meet with Brigade and community members. I encourage anyone eager to volunteer with CFA to visit our staff and be a part of our great organisation. Prospective Brigade members may also like to contact District 11 Headquarters on (03) 5153 7400 or visit our website at Our staff will continue to attend Cann Valley on a weekly basis to support our members and the community. ENDS . . . #CFAVic #CFAInsta #SERegion #CannValley #CannRiver

22 0 May 17, 2018

Road trip to Sunny coast Cann River Church #cannriver #roadtripping #roadyrip #ltd #newstart

21 2 Apr 25, 2018

Cann River driving through to Gippsland. #cannriver #roadtrip

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