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22 1 Jan 21, 2018

The Heir ~ Chapter 21 ____________________ Stacking my books onto the selves I catch Shawn reading one. I smile and continues to stack. “You were quite the history buff” he laughs a little. “I wanted to be a historian. I was studying at oxford and was going to become a historian there, but when I had to change my identity I had to leave everything I love behind.” I take a deep breath “to be honest with you I hate accounting and math and numbers. I just wanted to follow my dreams, but not everyone gets to do what they want.” I sigh but catch him smiling to myself. Why am I even opening up to him? I’m practically signing his death sentence. “Does that mean you don’t want to help out the financial department” His smile falls as he start to hand me more books. “No of course i want to help Its just nothing” sighing I stack the last book, but a photo falls out. My breath catches. It’s me and my old best friend at her baby brothers first birthday party. Shawn picks it up folds it and hands it to me. Our fingers briefly touch as I grab the photo. “Don’t say ‘thank you’. You have already told me so much. You can tell me about this when your ready if your ever are. Okay” he adds tilting my head up. I nod breaking down the box. “Should I just throw this into one of the fires?” I look up slipping the picture into my pocket. “Yes of course.” His jaw tightens as he leaves to grab another box. _______________

3 1 Jan 21, 2018

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