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“Give her the respect of a real date, not just drinks. Flowers, a meal, with good conversation.” - Luke Wessman lostartofthegentleman #newagegents

445 12 Dec 4, 2017

New Age Gents is with justinbaldoni - He has a challenge for men: “See if you can use the same qualities that you feel make you a man to go deeper into yourself. Your strength, your bravery, your toughness: Can we redefine what those mean and use them to explore our hearts?” In his new #TEDTalk, the Jane the Virgin actor starts a dialogue about masculinity and unravels what it means to be “man enough.” Watch justinbaldoni’s full talk at via ted #newagegents - unwomen heforshe iamthatgirl missalexisjones maskyoulivein duanemclaughlin katiehwillcox

287 17 Dec 6, 2017

I’m reminded by theadamgregory that everyday is a blessing and all that we have is a gift. But I’ve found it doesn’t take much to slowly stop appreciating the things your partner does for you and the role they play in your life. Normally you don’t even notice it starting to take place. - We get can caught up in busyness, in meetings/emails/phone calls. It’s when you stop seeing the little things they do as special, like them complimenting you or taking out the trash. - Complacency blinds us from seeing the good in our partner, who they are, the effort they give and the blessing they are. I want to encourage you to focus on the good that your gentleman or lady brings into your life. Count your blessings and show them they’re blessing. #newagegents • • • • #gentlemen #gentleman #gents #community #husbands #marriage #wife #wives #love #kindness #relationships #relationship #couple #couples #truelove #redefiningmasculinity #chivalrousgentleman

150 5 Dec 9, 2017

New “Gentleman By Choice” hoodies are here. Get yours now! Being a gentleman is more than a movement. It’s a lifestyle. #newagegents

15 2 Dec 4, 2017

lovaste ✨ how can i support you? what do you need? how can i take some of that weight off of your shoulders? how is your heart? #iloveyou” - adrianmichaelgreen #NewAgeGents

465 8 Dec 2, 2017

“Male by birth. Gentleman by choice.” #newagegents Click the link in our bio to get yours today

23 1 Dec 4, 2017

Hella guns where i come from #chivalrousgentleman #beards #beardvilans #thethightickler tickler

117 0 Dec 10, 2017

Truffle season👔 Time for tuxedos for no reason🥃 #ChivalrousGentleman

69 5 Dec 3, 2017

“We are nothing without the strength of women.” - Justin Timberlake justintimberlake #newagegents via makerswomen

3233 32 Dec 8, 2017

#Handsomeguy #SharpestKnifeInTheDrawer #ForTheWellDressMan #ChivalrousGentleman #DreamManEveryWoman #SexiestManAlive 😘😍💋❤️ #DwayneJohnson #TheRock #JumanjiMovie #PressJunket #London ilariaurbinati Regranned from therock - Dreams ain’t just for dreamers 💫 An amazing #Jumanji premiere at London’s famed Leicester Square. Tonight was special and every time I feel grateful (which is every 3min) I always start rubbing my hands and get this weird starry look on my face. Thank ya London and EVERYONE who worked so hard to make this night a very big success. Happy fans = happy DJ. I also do other cool things with my hands when I’m grateful, but that’s way too inappropriate to type and usually involves tequila. #WhatANight #LondonPremiere #Grateful #JUMANJI - #regrann

439 6 Dec 9, 2017

“I love 'fatherhood' but my son benefits more when I live it out through #husbandhood.” - mrjasonowilson #newagegents

193 5 Dec 10, 2017

“If you truly love someone, being faithful is easy.” - Luke Wessman lostartofthegentleman lukewessman #newagegents

550 11 Dec 3, 2017

To have one human who prioritizes you above everything and everyone, and you do the same in return- it might very well be the whole point of life. One teammate who sees the whole world in your eyes and says “We got this. Whatever ‘this’ is because it’s you and me, baby.” - Alexis Jones missalexisjones #newagegents

386 8 Dec 11, 2017

Gentlemen, she won’t remember how much that expensive dinner cost. She doesn’t need you to always plan an extravagant surprise. All she’s looking to see that you want her. That you care. She wants to feel like you only have eyes for her. If there’s one thing that she’ll always hold onto from each moment you spend together, it’s how you made her feel. It’s important to be present so that you can see the opportunity when it presents itself to do things like, compliment her when she leasts expects it. To dance with her like no one is watching. To write her a handwritten note or make her a home cooked meal. None of those moments require you to spend lots of money...great moments just require your time, love and effort. Be intentional, gentlemen. It will show her that she IS the only one for you. And that your words match your actions when you say things like, “you’re the only one for me.” She doesn’t want to just hear it...she wants to feel it. #newagegents

230 9 Dec 14, 2017

“Spend your days and nights as your truth. If you have somebody that helps you be your whole self then be that with them. Don’t be the version of yourself you think the world needs. It doesn’t. It needs the version of you that you see in your day dreams. And if you happen upon another soul that sees you clearly, and pushes you to be even more honest of yourself? You’ve just found someone that’s necessary to your journey. No matter how short or how long their season with you is. It’s worth it to find more of yourself. Hopefully you return that favor to them. That’s love.” - Colt Prattes coltprattes #newagegents

418 8 Dec 4, 2017

“Remember when you were little and you wanted something or a friend to come over? You were told to ask nicely. If you didn’t ask nice, the answer would be “no”. If someone asked something of you and they didn’t ask nice, your answer would most likely be “no”. So what has changed? Gentlemen, if you really like someone and would like to ask them out, be direct and ask nicely. Ladies, if you do not like the way they ask, you don’t have to say yes. You can remind them to treat you like a lady and ask you nicely. And Gentlemen, when you ask, have a plan for the date and put in some effort. A real date. (This works for first dates and the millionth date after years of being together)” - Robert Robbins robertrobbinstherapy #newagegents

366 7 Dec 8, 2017

#Wow #excellent #fantastic #perfect #FanArt #ChivalrousGentleman #SexiestManAlive #GratefuMan #SharpestKnifeInTheDrawer #DwayneJohnson #TheRock #BestFansInTheWorld #Rampage #Skyscraper #ThankYou so much for sharing and the kind words finchys_fitness The man of the moment DWAYNE “The Rock” JOHNSON as drawn by yours truly, in, wax, watercolour, pencils and ink, hope you good folks like it, and its not often I say IT WAS AN HONOUR to draw this awesome man who has inspired me to achieve so many things, hey, after all this guy may well be the NEXT President of the good old USA ❤️❤️❤️ #famous #art #artist #artwork #drawing #portraits #hollywood #muscle #body #bodybuilding #fit #training #jumanji therock this ones for u big fella 💪🏽

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