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Attitude is like underwear Don’t show it just wore it.😈 . . . #hunters #hunterbanna #warriors #beastboy #beastmode #bullet #royelenfield #bulletlover #gun #chivalrousgentleman #thebeardedwarrior #beardkingrk

193 25 Jan 31, 2018

I'm Not Bad, But I Choose To Be 😈 #Magnanimous #ChivalrousGentleman. 🔱

72 2 Feb 19, 2018

There are a number of ways to show your lady that you appreciate her and that she’s got your heart. Whether she’s your wife or a potential girlfriend, it’s important to continue to do the things you did to get her. Never stop flirting with her. Never stop dating her. Never stop letting her know how much you appreciate all she does for you. Here are three keys to keeping the fire in your relationship: 1️⃣) IT’S IN YOUR TOUCH: Your lady doesn’t want to just hear that she’s the only one for you...she needs to feel it. That comes from your touch. Let your actions line up with your words. It’s in the way you hold her hand or rub her back. It’s in your kiss. It’s in the way you look in her eyes. Keep her on her toes and don’t become predictable. Comfortability is the silent killer of relationships. By flirting with her through your touch you won’t just put a smile on her face, you’ll put a smile in her heart. 2️⃣) COMPLIMENT HER: Compliments never get old, gentlemen. Especially when it comes from a genuine place. t’s good to remind yourself why you enjoy having her in your life. There’s nothing wrong with telling your lady that she’s beautiful. The question is, what about her outside of the obvious captivates you? Maybe it’s something corky and out of the box. Whether you compliment the way she laughs or the way she cares for others, by you recognizing it you’re saying you accept all of her. Show her you care about more than what she does for you or how she looks but that you care about what makes her who she is as a woman. 3️⃣) HAVE FUN: Never stop dating the woman in your life. It’s okay to get off the couch and get out the house. Get off your social media and get into the world. Spending time together shouldn’t be silently scrolling Instagram together. A date doesn’t have to break your pockets. A date is just simply about spending time with the one you love and making memories. If you decide to have a night in, make it exciting. Break out some board games or put some music on and just dance together. Never lose sight of what fun is for you and your lady. #NewAgeGents

595 17 Jan 20, 2018

I'm dedicated to one cause only, to becoming the best version of myself. P.c- indrajit1925 #chivalrousgentleman♥ #mrnmisschattisgarh2018

307 6 Feb 7, 2018

Does she feed your mind? Does she pour all kinds of goodness into your soul? Does she pull things out of your heart that you forgot were even there? Ask yourself, how does this woman add value to my life or does she add any at all. If she does, amazing. Hold her down and give the same love back to her & soooome. But if she doesn’t, that’s a sign you need to listen to. If a cute face, comes with drama and is don’t need it in your life. As men, as a community, its important and it’s time that we stop putting so much value in how someone looks on the outside...when the true value is found on the inside. Forget the eye candy. Forget the butt implants. Forget the attention seekers. Forget the IG model you’ve been lusting over. Look inside and ask, “why am I constantly looking for things in life that I know aren’t going anywhere and aren’t good for me?” It’s not about the woman you think you want...its about seeing what it looks like to have the woman you need. If you want a relationship, if you want marriage and a family...then your standards of who and how you date matter. I promise you, there’s a lady out there just for you, that’s ready and willing to feed a man’s soul who’s worthy of her time & energy. But it starts with deciding and knowing you’re worthy of that kind of love. My man, you’re worthy of it. Because once you’ve had soul food, you’ll never want eye candy ever again. #newagegents thank God for my soul food lindseyschuberth ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ If you’ve got a love like soul food in your life, TAG them below

275 7 Jan 23, 2018

Everyone wants to be a Beast, Lets teach them what real Beast do. . . . #beastmode #beardkingrk #beardgang #chivalrousgentleman #beastboy #warriors #goldbloodedwarrior Caption:- mrunal_brahmbhatt

164 22 Jan 29, 2018

#chivalrousgentleman 💪😄

81 2 Feb 9, 2018

Who said chivalry was dead? . #Repost tudor__james ・・・ Keeping it real for my #1 Gypsy flomeg 🎩🎬 . . . #bangalore #thewaverly #luxuryhotels #hotels #curtsey #chivalry #mensblog #staycation #vacation #holiday #chivalrousgentleman #men #mens vrbengaluru

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