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Leaving Things Alone by Chuang Tzu Translation by Thomas Merton I know about letting the world alone, not interfering. I do not know about running things. Letting things alone: so that men will not blow their nature out of shape! Not interfering, so that men will not be changed into something they are not! When men do not get twisted and maimed beyond recognition, when they are allowed to live- the purpose of government is achieved. Too much pleasure? Yang has too much influence. Too much suffering? Yin has too much influence. When one of these outweighs the other, it is as if the seasons came at the wrong times. The balance of cold and heat is destroyed the body of man suffers. Too much happiness, too much unhappiness, out of due time, men are thrown off balance. What will they do next? Thoughts run wild. No control. They start everything and finish nothing. Here competition begins, here the idea of excellence is born, and robbers appear in the world. Now the whole world is not enough reward for the “good”, nor enough punishment for the “wicked”. Since now the world itself is not big enough for reward or punishment. For the time of the Three Dynasties men have been running in all directions. How can they find time to be human? ////////////////////////////////////// Wow! As usual packed with great wisdom. Someone shared with me the other day that faith is not knowing and being ok with it. Balance, yin and yang must be in balance. or “…it is as if the seasons came at the wrong times.” The balance of cold and heat is the root of healing and longevity. And balance requires cultivation and maintenance. We have to be conscious of our bodies, minds and emotion. And willing to have the courage to and the faith to let things well enough alone. Have great day! Unless you have other more interfering plans. :)

20 1 May 21, 2018

So much of "feeling stuck" comes from confusing a desire to grow with a desire to fit in. You can't expect a plant to get bigger if you put its roots in a smaller pot. And in the same way, you can't expect to feel more ease, freedom, and spontaneity in your life if you equate these feelings with the approval of others. We all do this. Just the other day, I had the thought, "At my age, I should have a nicer apartment." But the truth is: I really don't care about having a nicer apartment, which is probably why I haven't "manifested" one. There are so many ways we judge ourselves as being stuck when we simply don't care — and conversely, so many ways we pretend we don't care when we are, in fact, stuck. In all this, the body knows the truth: if you picture a moment in your life when you felt truly free and fulfilled, your body will relax and your breath will expand but when you think of all the status-markers you have yet to attain, your body will tense and your breath become more narrow. This should be all the proof you need to live your life like the crooked tree in Chuang Tzu's parable: growing wild and weird, useless to society and therefore the last to be chopped down for timber. [2017] #feeling #stuck #status #praise #judgment #chuangtzu #growth #freedom #ease #spontaneity #goodwill #body #breath #meditation #mindfulness #love

27 3 May 18, 2018

"Life is full of limits, but understanding is limitless" #chuangtzu #innerchapters #hammocklife #limitless

33 0 May 15, 2018

🦋 'El sueño de la mariposa' . «Chuang Tzu soñó que era una mariposa. Al despertar ignoraba si era Tzu que había soñado que era una mariposa o si era una mariposa y estaba soñando que era Tzu». . . . . 🎨Acuarela basada en una antigua pintura china que ilustra uno de los relatos más importantes de la filosofía oriental. Regalos que atraviesan la distancia 🌍🌎💝

40 5 May 12, 2018

Può darsi che abbiate udito la musica dell’uomo, ma non la musica della terra. Può darsi che abbiate udito la musica della terra, ma non la musica del cielo. ( #chuangtzu ) #sky #skyline #clouds #cielo #infinity #azzurro #blue #terra #word #volgolombardia #igerlombardia #paesaggio #speranza #photo #amazing #followforfollow #follow4follow #bnw_city_streetlife #bnw #monochrome #novosibirsk #instagram #instagirls

38 1 May 18, 2018

“The perfect man employs his mind as a mirror. It grasps nothing it refuses nothing. It receives, but does not keep.” . . . #trip #peace #waterfall #paz #nature #cachoeira #poçodourado #capitolio #viagem #camping #natureza #photography #quotes #chuangtzu #alanwatts #thewayofzen

56 4 May 17, 2018

#chuangtzu #quotes #philosophy

9 0 May 20, 2018

🌬"Se a tranquilidade da água reflete todas as coisas, o que não poderá fazer a tranquilidade do espírito?🕉 #chuangtzu #namaste

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