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The coolest tags. Ideally, there would be rainbows printed on the edging of each card, too. 😍🌈 a man can dream, right?

38 2 Mar 6, 2018

A flashback to the proposal I made for nationalcamera for their polaroidoriginals section. Still one of my favorite projects to work on. How cool would printed tees be? 😍📸

38 9 Mar 6, 2018

Really fun project, collaborating with talented designers & retooling the identity for studioapparatusmn aka some of my favorite people and my favorite place to shoot! ✨📸 Also, can’t wait for their launch party on March 10th. (Collaboration with Josh Hames)

29 2 Mar 5, 2018

One month, guys! Im on the hunt for an art direction job in New York starting April 1st. ✨

49 1 Mar 5, 2018

Cotton candy clouds 🍭☁️

35 2 Mar 5, 2018

...and of course buttons! Vintage cameras are the best cameras, let’s be honest. 📸💥🌈

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