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. Hi Beauties! I wanted to share something personal with you, because it’s something that I feel is so important for women to know: Feminine energy, and how important it is to being connected to our authentic, beautiful selves. . It took me awhile to really understand what this meant and to embrace & celebrate it. For me, it got lost somewhere as a young girl while trying to "prove" my strength and ability as a person in this world, both in my personal and professional life. . I grew up with 3 brothers and my Father being a very strong male figure, so for me it started early on, the "I can do it too and even better, and I'll prove it to you" mentality. While I feel it's what drove me in life, it was ALL from masculine energy so it was never really authentically me and I was never fully happy in this state, no matter the success/progress that came from it. The irony was, that I am really a girly girl. So I was often misunderstood, and rightfully so. . So to finally find my feminine energy again, just this year and honor it as the amazing and beautiful thing that it is, is something I welcome now daily. I see the transformation it has made in me and my life, and those I come into contact with. . Energy is powerful. Feminine energy is powerful. Authentic energy is powerful. All of them together is simply magical. . As women today, I think it is even more important to know the difference between masculine & feminine energy and realize the importance and place for both in our lives. But most important, to not look at feminine energy as something that is associated with weakness. It is quite the complete opposite, my beauties.✨ . Are you embracing your feminine energy yet? . . . . . #youthfulness #youthfulglow #youthfulskin #healthyskin #healthyskincare #ageless #antiagingph #antiagingserum #antiagingcream #antiagingproducts #antiagingskoncare #antiagingsolution #antiagingtreatment #beautytip #aginggracefully #aging #agingskin #agingbeautifully #agingwell #aginglikefinewine #agingredefined #aginginreverse #agingbackwards #youthfulglow #hormoneimbalance #hormonereplacementtherapy #hormonewar #hormonebalance #hormonehealth #hormonetherapy

15 2 Feb 22, 2018

Say cheese!

5 1 Feb 22, 2018

TBW Models has been established since 2004! Our models are as beautiful and handsome as ever!! tbwmodels #classicbeauty #handsome #gorgeous #chic #elegante #timeless newportwedding glamdonewright davidsbridal four_k_videos

19 0 Feb 22, 2018

TBW Models has been established since 2004! Our models are like fine wine, they just keep getting better with time!! 🌷 #classicbeauty #morehandsomethanever #aglessbeauty tbwmodels newportwedding wavelengthssalon jasonandco

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4 4 Feb 22, 2018

Remembering French actress Simone Simon (1910-2005), who passed away 13 years ago today 😞🙏🏼💖. Simon began her career as a model and singer in Paris before moving into the realm of acting. Making her film debut in 1931, she quickly became a popular actress in France. In 1935, Daryl F. Zanuck (1902-1979), the head of 20th Century Fox, brought her to Hollywood. Simon quickly attempted to learn English, but ultimately she did not make her first film until 1936. She made a few pictures, but no major hits, before returning home to France. She returned to Hollywood during WWII and had better success this time with films like “The Devil and Daniel Webster” (1941) and “The Curse of the Cat People” (1944). After the war she returned to France and retired from acting in 1973. Though she was involved in a few notable relationships, she never married nor had children. She passed away in 2005 at the age of 94 in Paris 😞🙏🏼💖. #simonesimon #rip #gonebutnotforgotten #gonebutneverforgotten #oldhollywood #classichollywood #vintagehollywood #classicactress #vintageactress #oldhollywoodactress #frenchactress #classicbeauty #vintagebeauty #oldhollywoodbeauty #frenchbeauty

107 2 Feb 22, 2018

Got some high end designer beauties, mixed with some mid century classics newly added to my etsy shop today. The black necklace with star motif is by French designer Zoe Coste, the gold pearl bangle is KJL for Laguna, the classy black drop earrings are by Lewis Segal and the Victorian revival brooch is by Florenza. What I love about these pieces is their versatility. They can spruce up your office outfit and then glam up a little black dress (link in bio). . . . . . . #zephyrvintage #vintagejewelry #vintageoftheday #designerjewelry #highendjewelry #frenchdesigner #accessoriesaddict #classicbeauty #chicaccessories #stylemepretty #gotojewelry #dressmeup #timelessstyle #etsyjewelry #etsyvintage #etsy

14 0 Feb 22, 2018

Who inspires you? My Grandma Bonnie has been one of the biggest inspirations to me! She is the reason that I find photography so important! When I was growing up, she absolutely hated being in pictures. It wasn't until after she passed in 2015 that I saw this gorgeous image of her. No matter what your age or size, you are beautiful enough to be photographed. Someday, that is all your family will have to remember you. #existinphotographs #inspiration #fineart #portraitphotography #classicbeauty

5 0 Feb 22, 2018

Being healthy is a blessing and a way of life !!!There is a lot of shift going on in the world and a positive one is that MENTAL HEALTH is being recognized and people are being educated in this area . The mind is powerful and it effects your physical health ,relationships and how you experience life. Your inner world can be a prison or PARADISE . I'm grateful to experience my paradise & help others do the same. This morning will be the last TRANSFORMATIONAL BREATHING Program session . We have all shifted into a healthier physical ,emotional,mental& energetic integrated state. I'm also sharing some colour with this divine art in action Dress by designer moschino lestyleboutique may you have a divine day love Januta ❤️

13 1 Feb 22, 2018

Η Οντρεϊ Χέπμπορν φόρεσε το ωραιότερο φόρεμα όλων των έποχων στα Όσκαρ. Μια εμβληματική εμφάνιση στην τελετή του 1954. Link in bio για #vintagestory από τα Όσκαρ (📸 AP) #iefimerida #audreyhepburn #audreystyle #oscars #academyawards #oscar2018 #classicbeauty #vintagefashion #vintagestyle #vintagediva #styleicon #givenchy #fashion #fashionstyle #fashiondiaries #pictureoftheday

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